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Ways Authors Reveal Character

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Ty Hoppe

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Ways Authors Reveal Character

Ways Authors Reveal Character
What a Character Does and Says
A character's actions and speech reveal things about them
Things they do
Things they say
How they act
How they speak
An accent
Usage of language/grammar
Word choice/vocabulary
The Character's Own Thoughts
The character's traits can be revealed by what the character thinks
Used in First Person Perspective
Used in Third Person Limited and Omniscient
What Other Characters Think/Say About the Character
Other characters reveal a characters traits by what they think, feel, and say about the character
Revealed in conversations and actions
May also be revealed if you have a Third Person Omniscient narrator
May be more or less reliable than what they character thinks about themselves
The Way a Character Looks
A character's appearance reveals things about the character's life and personality
This can include:
Their physical qualities (tall, fat, skinny, blond, etc.)
The way they dress
The way they move
Direct and Indirect
Direct characterization
The author TELLS you exact details about a character
, telling you exactly what to think about a character.

Watch this scene from
Mean Girls
and notice how the characters speaking directly characterize The Plastics.
Topic: Characterization
Essential Question: By what methods do authors develop and show character?
Smooth, sparkly skin and stone-like flesh
Weird colored eyes
Thick glasses
Pants pulled up high
Ankles showing
What do these physical traits tell us?
What do these physical traits tell us?
Vampire... supposedly...
Bizarre appearance and clothing
What do these physical traits tell us?
Fantasy character
Indirect characterization
The author SHOWS you characteristics about a character
, allowing the reader to make up his/her own mind about the character.

Watch this scene from the film

and notice how Johnny Depp's character is characterized by behavior and monologue, rather than direct description.
Let's Make Some Fiends
Charlotte Vendetta

Physical Physical

Speech/Actions Speech/Actions

What Others Say What Others Say

Own Thoughts? Own Thoughts?

Mark a sheet of notebook paper like the following:
Watch the video below then go back and fill-in the chart with ways the two girls' character traits are revealed. Pay attention to the usage of Direct Characterization in the theme song.
In conclusion:

Authors reveal character traits Directly and Indirectly in the following ways:

How a character looks
What a character says and how they say it
What a character thinks
What others think/say about the character
More Prezis, PowerPoints and videos available on my TeachersPayTeachers store and YouTube channel:


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