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Implementing Technology in 2012-2013

This presentation illustrates the ongoing implementation of Westfield School's technology investment

Paul Pineiro

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Implementing Technology in 2012-2013

Implementation of the Westfield Public Schools Technology Initiative
2012-2013 Support for Technology Hardware
iPads - 360
Ultrabooks - 156
Desktop Computers - 97
Multi-seat computers - 395 New Technology
Summer 2012 Infrastructure
Faster internet connection - 50Mb to 100Mb
New wireless network - Instant access
anywhere Master Technology Teachers 1 for Elementary support
1 for Secondary support I. Determining needs Surveys completed by staff determining levels of technology use proficiency NJSMART student and staff data uploading
District student database
Data analysis Information Processing Manager Support for Technology Master Technology Teachers (2) New instructional tech staff
Coach teachers to enhance instruction through latest technology District Computer Technician Meet the demand of infusion of technology
Meet the demands of increased teacher use of technology Support for Technology August 30, 2012 in-service Professional Development for
Westfield Schools'
21st Century Classrooms Master Technology
Teachers II. Daily Support and
Professional Development Before School Prep Periods After School Lesson design coaching In-class coaching Assisting early adopters in turnkey training Instructional technology sessions presented by experts in the field
Online professional development support August 30, 2012 in-service Professional Development
in Instructional Technology 48 instructional technology sessions
Over 325 staff members trained in technology topics August 30, 2012 in-service Professional Development Services
from Experts in the Field Meeting the Standards for 21st Century Classrooms August 30, 2012 in-service and beyond Professional Development Services
from Experts in the Field blogs and online support "We will provide curriculum, instruction and programs to prepare our students with 21st Century skills to succeed in a global society." The Westfield Public Schools Strategic Plan 2010-2015
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