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The Sealed Beam Headlight Case

No description

Anna Ross

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The Sealed Beam Headlight Case

The Sealed Beam Headlight Case
Explored Alternatives
add highway lighting
reduce amount of night driving allowed
reduce speed limit at night
impose fines for not maintaining headlight brightness
Ethics of the Case
GE looked beyond its potential gain and put they the public first
by 1933,
24 million cars
on the road
initially unreliable and hardly used
in 1933,
56% of fatalities
happened during
nighttime driving
Goodell Speaks Up

"Visibility has become the weak link in traffic safety, and, as illuminating engineers, we
must assume
at least a portion of the
in the improvement of traffic hazards..."

-Paul Goodell, street-lighting engineer

The Resolution
glass reflector coated in metal
sealed together to prevent tarnishing
by Anna Ross, Abigail Smith, and Paige Thompson
3 parts in a headlight
1. Lens
2. Reflector
3. Light Source

"Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public."


Paul H. Goodell, "Street Lighting and the Science of Seeing," Transactions of the ISE, January 1935, p. 50.

George PE Meese, "The Sealed Beam Case:Engineering in the Public and Private Interest," Business and Professional Ethics Journal, vol 1, Spring 1982, pp. 1-23.

Arnold H. Vey, "Relation of Highway Lighting to Highway Accidents," Transactions of the IES, January 1935, p. 83.
Moving Forward
"Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public"

genetic testing
medical devices
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