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African Proverbs

No description

ashley madden

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of African Proverbs

Uganda: The Baganda African Proverbs a. proverbs is a wise saying A small deed out of friendship is worth more than a great service that is forced Where there are no dogs, the wildcats move about freely a. one who loves you cares enough to tell you the truth One who loves you, warns you b. actually doing something kind for someone speaks louder than just saying it Words are easy, but friendship is difficult Proverb a. small actions that a person does out of generosity can mean more than forced actions. c. if you do something small for someone you may not think it means something but it does c. if you're hanging with the wrong crowd someone who loves you will tell you to look out. a. where there is no authority there is chaos a. actions speak louder than words, easier said than done b. when the dog is away the cat will play c. if a teacher leave's they're classroom full of students theyre will be chaos a. one who hasnt went through hard times says its easy going through The one who has not made the journey calls it an easy one b. you dont know someones life until you walk a thousand miles in there shoes c. if you havent faced the problems that others have faced you assume that its not hard c. when you have a good friend they will never let you down and will always be by your side. b. the little things you do in life count the most b. a friend is one who will tell you the truth when you least want to hear it. Ashley Madden
Reinaliz Rivera
Andrew Gutierrez Jakaylen Foust
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