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Fashion in Berlin

No description

Isabelle Steinbruecker

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Fashion in Berlin

Fashion in Berlin, Germany by Isabelle Steinbruecker Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany 3.5 million inhabitants 891.82 square kilometers in the summer the average temperature is
19 degrees & in the winter the average is 0.5 degrees on average during the whole year it rains
101 days Climate/ Weather Mitte Department Stores Souvenir Shops Fast Fashion Designers Medium prices & small boutiques Small Boutiques, Restaurants & Vintage Shops Ku'damm "Everyone goes shopping here" Population Mitte "Center of design, business and development" Torstrasse Prenzlauer Berg Kreuzberg & Neukoelln Financial center: Offices, Banks & Hotels Department Stores Quartier 206 Galerie LaFayette Fast Fashion for adults Street art Boutiques & Concept Stores new store openings monthly Vintage New Fashion Brands Flea Markets Street Style "Old vs. New" "Event and Party District" Bread & Butter Berlin Festival Conclusion as a Fashion Buyer Kreuzberg Prenzlau Friedrichshain Tiergarten Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf Wedding Schoeneberg Zehlendorf Spandau Reinickendorf Pankow Marzahn Steglitz Tempelhof Neukoelln Treptow Koepenick Hellersdorf Lichtenberg Hohenschoenhausen Weissensee East West 1,676,434 million 1,750,680 million Wealth/Money Average monthly income: 1,475 Euros Unemployment: 214,796 = 12,2 % Milan: 23 degrees Milan: 1.5 degrees Milan: 1,342,337 million Milan: 181.76 square kilometers Milan: 86 days Milan: 1,700 Euros Shopping: From H&m to Hermes
Price: Low to High
Trend: Basic to Fashion Forward Shops Target Everyone
Disposable income: Low to High Shops Target Shopping: Designers, Jewellery, Fast Fashion, Department stores
Price: Medium to very High
Trend: basic (office appropriate) to fashion forward, chic and formal clothing Business men/women, adults
Disposable income: High to very High "Constant change" Shops Target Shops Target Places Target Shopping: openings on every first friday of the month
Price: Low/Medium to High
Trend: edgier and artsy, fashion forward Trendier people, artists, people who work in the fashion business
Disposable income: Medium to High Shopping: small boutiques, vintage, young fashion brands, good for streewear and trend spotting
Price: Medium to High
Trend: Fashion Forward, Streetstyle young trendy, artists, people in the fashion business
Disposable income: Medium to High not many shops here, mostly bars and clubs typical for Berlin
many fashion events (e.g. Berlin Fashion week, Bread & Butter, and others) young, trendy, people working in fashion, tourists
Disposable income: Low to High Positive great for trend spotting
growing fashion capital
many different cultures and very creative Negative have to know your client very well (e.g. traditional west, modern/artsy/trendy east)
more and more difficult for shops to do well as it is increasing in competitiveness Berlin Fashion Shows & After Parties
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