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The Boarding House

No description


on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of The Boarding House

The Boarding House


The Boarding House
"The Boarding House" by James Joyce is about Mrs. Mooney the owner of the boarding house and her devious ways in how she entangles the other characters in her web of manipulation.
Mrs. Mooney
Mr. Doran
Mrs. Mooney
Mooney means means the descendent of a wealthy one.
Polly means “Wished for child” and “Rebelliousness." Polly is a nickname for Mary
Mr. Doran
Doran is an Irish name meaning “stranger or exile”

Mr. Doran was a character who was a stranger to the Mooney's.
Jack is of English origin, and means "Man"
Mr. Doran

"He had the notion that he was being had"(54).

"He was a shabby stooped little drunkard with a white face and a white moustache and white eyebrows"(49).
Other Colors
"Her eyes, which were grey with a shade of green"(51).
The number 3
Great things come in three's
Behind the title
The title is significant because...
Brittish Influence in
Corruption in the Catholic Church

Everyone is acting,
it's as if this was one big play
"Mrs. Mooney was a butcher's daughter"(49).
"All the resident young men spoke of her as The Madam"(50).
"Polly was a slim girl of nineteen; she had ... a habit of glancing upwards when she spoke with anyone, which made her look like a little perverse madonna."(51).
Polly lacks a father-figure in her life
"There had been no open complicity between mother and daughter"(51).
"a disreputable sheriff's man used to come every other day to the office, asking to be allowed to say a word to his daughter"(51).
"Fleet Street"(50).
"Tourists from Liverpool and the Isle of Man"(50).
Review Close Reads!!!!!!!!!!!
After re-reading the passage, discuss with the people around you about Polly and her character
What type of relationship does Polly have with her mother?
"she had light soft hair"(51).
Butcher House
"Mrs. Mooney was a butcher's daughter" (49).
"She dealt with moral problems as a cleaver deals with meat"(51).
"As a young man he had sown his wild oats, of course; he had boasted of his free-thinking and denied the existence of God to his companions in public- houses."(54).
"Jack Mooney, the Madam's son, who was clerk to a commission agent in Fleet Street, had the reputation of being a hard case."(50).
" The implacable faces of his employer and of the Madam stared upon his discomfiture."(55).
face and a
days'... every two or
3 lines of the song Polly sings
"Jack" and his attitude
"She made Mary collect collect the crusts and pieces of broken bread to help to make Tuesdays bread pudding"(52).
"She felt sure she would win."(52).
Mr. Doran
"As Polly was very lively the intention was to give her the run of the young men."(51).
The ending
"The priest had drawn out every ridiculous detail of the affair" (53).

Why does the mother "keep her own counsel" with Mr. Doran? Why doesn't she intervene?
Multiple points of view
I'm a ... naughty girl.

You needn't sham:

You know I am.
The Song
What does it say about Polly's character?
"What am I to do?"(55).
"Mr. Mooney began to go to the devil"(49).
"What could he do now but marry her or run away?"(53).
"Perhaps they could be happy together....."(55).
"And his delirium....."(55).
"Sunday nights there would often be a reunion in Mrs. Mooney's front drawingroom"(50).
Prostitution House
"The Madam"(50)
"Polly, of course, flirted with the young men but Mrs. Mooney... knew that the young men were only passing the time away"(51).
"...Occasionally artistes from the musichalls"(50).
...Waltzes and polkas and vamped accompaniments... the Madam's daughter, would also sing"(50).
Now, let's go over the Discussion Board Questions.
How does The Boarding House relate/connect with the three main themes of paraylis, simony, and the gnomon?

2. What does the affair between Polly and Mr. Doran say about Mrs. Mooney?
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