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Getting started with the RDF

Workshop A4 at the Vitae conference 2012

Emma Gillaspy

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Getting started with the RDF

Dr Emma Gillaspy
Vitae NW Hub Manager
Getting started with the
Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

Social media revolution (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPYrbSUqr2k)
What makes a successful researcher?
Semi-structured interviews with >100 experienced researchers
Phenomenographic method identified >1000 characteristics
Input from experts, specialists and stakeholders
Independent resource
By researchers for researchers
Common language
Consistency of developmental approach
Empowers researchers to take control
Endorsed by 33 organisations
Benefits of the RDF
RDF Planner
Getting the best from the RDF
Where do we go from here?
Overview of the RDF
How one HEI has approached RDF implementation
Resources to support you
RDF Planner
Getting the best from the RDF
Today's workshop
Flickr ID: andrew.cameron
Flickr ID: San Diego Shooter
Flickr ID: JanneM
Flickr ID: ClaraDon
Admin feedback:
100% found the supporting materials helpful in setting up the RDF Planner for their institution
60% think it is likely or very likely that their institution will continue to use the RDF Planner
35 ‘researcher’ users completed the survey
80% of users found the RDF Planner useful or very useful
88.6% found the RDF Planner straightforward or intuitive to use
91.4% found the login process satisfactory or better
97.1 found it straightforward, easy or very easy to get started
94.3% experienced satisfactory, fast or very fast page load times
Areas for improvement:
ACS login (22.9% expressed some concern)
More guidance needed (28.6%)
The RDF contains a lot of information but the planner allowed people to focus on areas relevant to them without being overwhelmed.
It made me consider aspects of my career and development I don't usually think of
Opportunity to think about the range of activities research involves and how I could prove that I can do them. Interesting to see full progression of career skills.
A valuable tool which helps to highlight the broad range of skills a researcher possesses
It looks great, could be really useful and could assist both myself and my supervisor in personal development planning.
Dr Emily McIntosh
Postgraduate Research Development Officer
I think the new version of the planner is much more interactive and useable for researchers. It will allow us to show off the RDF in a much more interactive way and I like the fact that it can be linked to the information we have locally.
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