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Elizabeth's final presentation

No description

elizabeth boswell

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Elizabeth's final presentation

Milgram Obedience Experiment
by: Elizabeth Boswell
The purpose is to show how being obedient is dangerous and obeying authority is what they caed about.
The experiment work was finding out who would be obedient .
The findings of this theory were that the teachers shocked the students on high voltage even though the students tried to convince them to stop.
human nature
This shows human nature because even though the experiment is dangerous the observer would still harm the person evn though they know it is harmful.
the experiment
The Milgrams obedience experiment
was about in 1961, a teacher would have to the students because of wrong answers. the student tried to tell the teacher that they should stop but it didn't happen so the students pretended like they were really shocked which the teacher was being obedient to the student.
This picture shows how dangerous being obedient.
apply to the world
These senerios demonstrates this theory in every day life situations. this will help you in the future when something similar happen.
senerio one
senerio two
senerio three
apply to literature
This relates to literature because the Milgram experiment is people are obedient to the authority 65% of particpant delivered maximum should.
the first work of literature
The first work of literature is being obedient to the authority is dangerous which the teacher was because the student didnt get an answer wrong.
textual evidence and explain
"These experiments offer a powerful and disturbing look into the power of authority and obedience."
the second work of literature
The second work of literature was the study because Betty was obedient to Abigail when she was in court and asked to tell what happened and if she was bewitched.
2nd textual evidence and explain
"mr. wont let us marry. say im not good enough to come in his parlor."
3rd textual evidence and explain
" These experiments offer a powerful and disturbing look into the power of authority and obedoence."
this is showing how people are inherently obedience.
Every is obedient is dangerous when you are obedient to the authority.
"he cut his eye at me. stumble out. i hear him mutter somethin to mr. sitting on the porch."
the end
"Abby im here! im not hurting her! im here, im here! Mr. Danforth! Never, never! theyre sporting. they-! Abby, stop it! stop it! stop it! i- have no power. i- the wings! her wings are spreading! Mary please, dont, dont!"
This evidence reflect the findings of milgram because it shows how obedient Mary was to Abigail and when Abigail tried to tell her stop she kept on lieing and saying how shes not bewitched. she tries to help Abigail by, lieing for her and saying didnt see the devil none of girls did.
A subject who thinks he is participating in an experiment on human learning is confronted with a dilemma when the experimenter orders him to deliver increasing levels of electric shock to another subject.
A man, masquerading as a police officer, started calling fast food places around the country, telling the manager that one of the employees was a suspected drug dealer and asking the manager to hold the suspect for him.
He innocent teenage girl employee was, over several hours, subjected to humiliating questions, a strip search and finally--sexual molestation by the manager's fiance! This, all at the behest of the alleged police officer on the phone. Hard to believe? Sorry but similar results at other fast food places happened more than once. The man on the phone sounded authoritative and had the mask of authority. They obeyed.
The teachers listened in the experiment regardless of the consequences. they wanted to convince the teacher to stop but most teachers were being obedient and shocking students at very high voltages.
this shows that the teachers care about the students but mostly about obeying authority.
Proctor was being obedient because he refused to lie about seeing the devil and putting hos name for evidence.
I speak my own sins i cannot judge another. i have no tongue for it. no, no. i have signed it. you have seen me. it is done! you have no need for this.
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