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Babies to Toddlers

No description

chelsea turner

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Babies to Toddlers

Babies to Toddlers
By: Alyssa, Chelsea, Gina, Keith and Nick

Key Resources

Having thorough interviews for employees, as well as testing to insure proper intellectual skills.
network with big supply companies
connections to suppliers of baby needs so the store is inviting and catchy (Johnson, Carters, Gerber, etc.)
Music played/Color Scheme
Focus on customer service (feed back)
Value Propositions
Customer Relationships
Personal Assistance
Cost of Personal Assistance.
Cost of Communities.
The End
Babies to Toddlers
Key Partners
Key Activities
Advertise to Make a Profit
Business Cards
Online Store
Community outreach/fundraisers
Customer Segments
Understand Customers
List Customers
Assess Customer Segments
Revenue Streams
Our company will make money off of asset sales.  we will provide people with a quality product for a low price.  the customers will enjoy the low price allowing us to sell large amounts of product.  since we have an online store we expect that to bring in the most amount of profit because customers will enjoy the convenience of it combined with our low prices.
Cost Structure
We are going to have a cost-driven model where we will be offering high quality items for low prices.  Our biggest costs will come from buying all of our products from the manufacturers followed by the salary we have to pay our employees, up keep for our website, and delivery service costs like UPS.

What distinguishes us from us competitors/price and brand
Performance/risk reduction.
-T.V. ads, Radio ads, bill boards
- purchases made via internet and in-stores
- Deliveries
- After sale return policy
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