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No description

James Giroux

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of GOATS N' CATS

Goats N' Cats Hunger Games Symbolism Project Cheshire Cat Crookshanks Goats In Literature ButterCup Lady Goats in Religion Famous literature cats have appeared in... In Alice In Wonderland the Cheshire Cat cheers up
Alice. The cat is also sentenced to death but
tricks everyone and lives.

This is the same in the Hunger Games. Buttercup, cheers up Prim and escapes death when Katniss
tries to drown her. In Harry Potter Crookshanks is an ugly cat with a pushed in nose. Hermione buys him out of sympathy.

In the Hunger Games, Prim's cat Buttercup also has a pushed in nose. She feels for the cat and is the only one who wants him. The name Buttercup is a symbol of where district twelve is located. Katniss states that he has "The eyes of rotting squash". The cat's name comes from
a type of squash located in the Appalachians. It is called the Buttercup squash and is the same muddy
yellow colour of the cat itself. This shows that district twelve is located in the Appalachians. The goat has long been a visual aid in symbolic and mythological literature and short stories. It has a varied significance: gentleness in one and sensuality in another. Both sexes of the goat represent fertility, vitality and ceasleess energy. Lady is Prim's goat that was given to her by Katniss.
Lady represents sacrifice in this story and moving from dark to light. Katniss sacrifices some things for her to be able to buy Prim's goat. The goat however helps Prim move on and survive when Katniss leaves which shows her moving from light to dark. In religion goats are seen as a bad thing. In ancient European Christian folklore goats are seen being involved with Satan or the Devil. *Alice In Wonderland
*Harry Potter Cats In Literature Thanks For Watching! By: James and Brooklyn Cats can also symbolize cunning, forethought, ingenuity and happiness.
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