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Rocks and other stuff.

No description

Claire Adams

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Rocks and other stuff.

Rocks and other stuff.
Rocks on a mountain.
Do these rocks look interesting?
That's because something happened to make these rocks layers tilt.
Title page continued
Claire Adams

By: Devon Adams
A big rock.
This rock has some sparkly and shiny parts on it. So it's called a crystal rock.
This rock is very big in person.
Bumpy/sharp rocks.
As you see these rocks are very bumpy.
Some rocks are flat and smooth.
something made the rocks beige and another part of the rock is yellow/gold.
Another rock.
Here are some rocks' names.
These are sedimentary rocks.
Intrusive igneous-volcanic
Extrusive igneous-volcanic
The difference
Intrusive is inside
other rocks.
It stays magma. It just moves
around underground.

Extrusive comes up to the surface and comes out of a volcano. It's the kind of rock that lava turns into.
This rock is different.
The End
Hope you liked my presentation!
Here are some other
pictures from my trip.
These are some flat rocks.
My dad took this
photo from a hill.
There are rows of rocks on this rock.
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