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Viktor Lowenfeld

No description

Erin Neary

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Viktor Lowenfeld

Viktor Lowenfeld Biography Why Viktor Lowenfeld? 1903 born in Linz, Austria
He was born to a Jewish family
He was always drawn to the arts as a child
Died in 1960 Lowenfeld taught art in the elementary schools in Vienna
While working at the schools he attended the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
He did not like the education he was getting at this school
Lowenfeld then transferred to the Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule also known as "Vienna Bauhaus"
He began studying sculpture here under Edward Steinberg Early Career/Education He began an interest in Art as therapy for children when he visited Institute of the Blind.
Later he became a member of the staff there
Lowenfeld finished his studies at the University in Vienna in 1928
Art History and Psychology
He wrote several books
The Genesis of Sculpturing-1932
Sculptures of the Blind-1934
The Nature of Creative Activity-1939 cont... During the German invasion in Austria in 1938, Lowenfeld and his family fled to England and later moved to the United States.
While in the states he met Victor D'Amico, the director of education at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
Who introduces him to the American art education system
He taught psychology at the Hampton Institute in Virginia
Established the Art department at the Institute
In 1945 Lowenfeld became the chairman of art education at Pennsylvania State College (now the Pennsylvania State University)
He held this position till his death in 1960 American Career I chose Viktor Lowenfeld because he was the pioneer for Art Education. He made a a huge impact on the education of Art teachers as well as the students education. Lowenfeld realized the importance of the Arts in school and wanted to make sure each child was getting the proper Art education. As a future Art teacher I admire the way he impacted his students and I hope to do the same. Influence on Art Education Lowenfeld helped define the field of Art Education in the United States
In 1947 Creative and Mental Growth was published and became the most influential textbook in art eduction
seven editions were made
He saw free expression of children in artistic media as necessary for healthy growth of the individual
Pennsylvania State University's Art Education graduate program is the largest in the United States
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