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How to get started in Minecraft

In this video, I will demonstrate how to make wooden planks, sticks, a crafting table, a wooden axe, and a wooden pickaxe in Minecraft.

meher dusi

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of How to get started in Minecraft

How to get started in Minecraft Step 1: Know the controls Directional Keys are w, a, s, and d.
Space is to jump.
E is to open your inventory.
Click on something to destroy it and walk to it to pick it up. You
can right click to place a block. Step 2 : Gather wood Click and hold on any tree that you find to
destroy wood. When a block is destroyed,
walk up to it to pick it up. Step 3: Make Wooden Planks
Press E to open your inventory.
Drag the block of wood to the 2x2 square.
It should yield 4 wooden planks. Step 4: Make sticks
To make sticks, drag 2 wooden planks
into the 2x2 square. It should yield 4 sticks. Step 5: Make a crafting table
Put 4 wooden planks into the 2x2 sqare.
It will yield 1 crafting table. Step 6: Place your crafting table on the ground
Drag the crafting table into the bottom row. Press E to close the inventory, and count how many boxes away from the left end it is. Press that number and right click. The crafting table should now be placed on the ground. To access the crafting menu, right click the crafting table. Step 7: Make a pickaxe
Right click the crafting table.
Place items in this manner. Step 8: Make a shovel
Right click the crafting table and place items in this manner. Soon your Minecraft world will be amazing!
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