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Hero's Journey (Finn: A Novel)

No description

Joshlynn Edmond

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey (Finn: A Novel)

Joshlynn Edmond
Grice 5/29/2013 Hero's Journey
(Finn: A Novel) Call to Adventure Chloe Wilder receives the call when she burns down her grandparent's home and finds Silvia crying in her room, the basement. Answering the Call When Chloe realizes that Silvia could be sent back to Mexico, they make the decision to leave. Companions Refusal of the Call At first, the girls, Chloe and Silvia, are hesitant to to abandon the house and leave for California, Guide/Mentor Silvia Morales, Chloe's babysitter and her grandparents' unpaid maid, guides Chloe throughout their journey. She plays the "good mother" role in this story. Crossing the Threshold When Chloe's mother, Claire, & her boyfriend, Bobby, kidnap her, she is imprisoned to a bedroom with a mattress on the floor, bars on the windows and old magazines. Threshold Guardians Clark & James made it hard for the girls to continue their journey at the train station.
The boys in the hotel almost stopped James, Silvia & Chloe from going to James' aunt's apartment. Initiation/ Road of Trials She is forced to live as if she was homeless, face starvation, be in near-death situations, struggle with her fractured wrist & continue on through her journey with a very pregnant woman. Brother Battle Chloe and Silvia had an argument in the beginning of the book which set up the entire story. She asked Silvia to take her for a ride and Silvia refused. Throughout anger, Chloe blurted out Silvia's secret about her pregnancy while Chloe's grandparents were walking in. Abduction Chloe's mother, Claire sends her boyfriend, Bobby, to kidnap Chloe from school. Chloe's grandparents put a restraining order against Claire after their son, Claire's husband and Chloe's father, past away Night or Sea Journey The hero, Chloe Wilder (Finn), is taken on a trip on the river under the highway by James in a small boat. The river was black and was only a few feet high. However, it seemed to Chloe that they were in an ocean instead of a river. Ritual Death or Dismemberment When she and Silvia abandoned the burning house, Chloe was thought to either be dead or close to death & Silvia was the supposed to be the one who abducted her. Sacred Marriage Although Chloe is too young for marriage, or even to understand "love", she becomes very close with Silvia throughout their journey. Entering the Belly of the Whale One of Chloe's fears is to make her mom mad enough to hurt her in anyway possible. Apotheosis ( Deification) When Chloe meets Marian at her house, she is praised by Marian because of the journey and traveling she has done with Silvia. Refusal of the Return Magic Flight/ Pursuit Rescue From Without When Chloe & Silvia run into King D, they are automatically considered a threat to King D. They witnessed a "trial" where King D (the judge/boss man) tells his assistant to kill a man who obviously worked for King D and didn't do his job. At this point, a kid, who stashed his drugs in the hole where Silvia & Chloe were sleeping, loudly announces that they might have witnessed the "trial". King D threatens to kill Silvia and Chloe, but not Silvia's unborn child. Luckily, he changes his mind and sets them free. Crossing the Return Threshold After Silvia's water broke, she and Chloe were transported to the hospital. They went through many complications before they could get Silvia to see her baby. When Marian showed up, she made sure that Silvia's boyfriend would get there. After explaining how he and Silvia were secretly married and that they were legal in the United States, Silvia and her husband were allowed to see their baby. At this very moment, Chloe felt at home. Master of Two Worlds Freedom to Live The last chapter of the book is of Chloe returning back to her old life. She and her grandparents go to the hotel where she and James had stole the food from earlier in the book. She talks about how easy it is to forget about her experience and the people she met. Silvia, the pregnant babysitter, is the main reason why Chloe is on this journey. She also drives Chloe around. Chloe doesn't want to return back to her grandparents' house because she feels as if they try too hard to be a close family. She doesn't want to return to her mother because she knows what she is capable of & she fears that. Actually, Silvia and Chloe are running away from the police during the whole story. Which is why they have a hard time finding a place to sleep and being professionally treated by doctors. The last few chapters of the book, Chloe is known as Finn. She learns to conquer the world of Chloe while conquering the world of Finn.
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