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SUNY Fredonia Sustainability Cmte - Earthweek 2011

No description

Tracy Marafiote

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of SUNY Fredonia Sustainability Cmte - Earthweek 2011

Sustainability 2012 Academics Karen Porpiglia, Cmte Chair, Vice President for Administration
Kevin Cloos, Director of Facilities Services, Facilities Services
Mark Delcamp, Asst. Dir. Facilities Services, Custodial Services
Kathy Forster, Associate Dir. of Residence Life, Residence Life
Sarah Laurie, Envl Health & Safety, Envl Health & Safety
Markus Kessler, Dir. of Facilities Planning, Facilities Planning
Anne Podolak, Dir. Envl Health & Safety, Envl Health & Safety
Bob Lawson, Asst. Dir. of Facilities Services, Facilities Services
Terry Tzitzis, Dir. of University Services, University Services
Mike Proffer, Director of Dining Services, FSA
Michael Barone, Director of Public Relations, Public Relations
Christina Jarvis, Associate Professor, English
Sherri Mason, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Tracy Marafiote, Assistant Professor, Communication
Peter Reinelt, Assistant Professor, Economics
David Kinkela, Assistant Professor, History
Mark Suida, Assistant Director of Campus Life, Campus Life
Shari Miller, Director of Purchasing, Purchasing
Alex Staunch, Student, Biology & Geology, FACE Student Rep
Lauren Piche, Student, Envl Sci, Pres, Cmps Climate Challenge
Katie Tyczynski, Student, Dept of Environmental Affairs
Robyn Reger, Committee S,ecretary, Administration
Climate Environmental
Affairs Earth Week Energy
Conservation Food Green
Cleaning Green
Landscaping Public
Relations Student
Activities Our MISSION is to
integrate into all aspects of campus life educating students, faculty, staff, and the
community environmental, about social, and
economic issues; promoting
environmental in personal and
institutional choices; and
inspiring innovative solutions, changes, and stewardship of the natural GOALS, To accomplish
these we
have adopted the
Natural Step
framework for
achieving sustainability. by: awareness and
responsibility environmental ethical behavioral world. Jamie Cloud Developing With the FACE Center and community partners:
Greystone Nature Preserve’s Aqua Day,
CFL give-away at the Fredonia Farmers Market,
Annual International Coastal Cleanup,
350-Day educational displays and activities,
Community environmental film series,
Beehive Design Collective’s “True Cost of Coal” exhibition,
Spring tree-planting events,
Keynote lectures and workshop at Jamestown CC June 15, 2010 January 2011
report received a The SubCommittee has worked hard for
3 years to complete all requirements
for membership in the ... ... is charged with integrating sustainability into campus curricula and programming and student life. that brings together youth from all over the U.S. Trash Crawl
•In association with the Department of Community Relations of the Student Association and Campus Climate Challenge, committee members organized and actively participated in the first ever Trash Crawl >> Students gathered together at 2 am on a Sunday morning to collect garbage from commonly traveled streets within the Fredonia Community
•Members of the committee gathered some of the trash to create a “Trash Man” to display on campus. Members of the committee researched and gathered information to display alongside the “Trash Man”. The 2011 Earth Week series grew into the Spring Sustainability Series.
Our motto: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. “How our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, our Communities & our Health” Community-Wide
of Plastic Bags 2nd Annual Duathlon featuring primarily 4th Annual
“Dumpster Dive”: ... identifies, creates, and promotes opportunities to conserve energy on campus -- to reduce campus overall campus energy consumption.
2003 > 169,291 BTU/sq.ft.
2010 > 105,496 " saving over in

AND over annually students can EXCHANGE Highlights for the Energy Conservation Subcommittee include:
• A project was completed in the computer center that rerouted the air flow patterns under the floor. This made for more efficient use of the existing air-conditioning system.
• Replaced several exterior lighting fixtures in the residence halls and the Services Complex with LED type fixtures. ... addresses:
1. food waste reduction;
2. greener disposable and packaging goods;
3. providing healthier, greener food selections;
4. increasing use of local suppliers. As well as Erie
Center the amount of Rainforest
Alliance ... enhances the environmental friendliness of custodial operations to benefit the employees, the campus community, and its customers.
across campus fiber brown paper towels ... provides green landscaping practices to enhance and protect the natural resources and environment of the campus.

Member of: from the
by Ring Road 5 miles of
24 acres of and
7.5 miles of ... facilitates various student groups working together toward common goals for the campus. first-year
students on in other clubs and Spearhead

that the

can participate in present... Sustainability
Committee and 14
SubCommittees The Transportation ... collects, interprets, and analyzes
statistical data to evaluate campus transportation systems campus and community
members who decreases fuel consumption ... provides PR for Sustainability Committee events and educates the campus community about environmentally friendly living Created Public Service Announcements
with Maintaining campus sustainability website: Recycling ... enhances awareness of recycling on campus by developing new locations and monitoring existing recycling centers across campus. • Added a recycling program to the new Children’s Center
• Installed 25 paper towel recycling containers in the restrooms at Mason Hall, Rockefeller Arts Center, Alumni, Nixon, Chautauqua and McGinnies Halls • from residence halls
• from Chautauqua Hall
• from Schulz & Hemingway Halls
• during residence hall move-in weekend

• Every Residence Hall has a in May
• at end-of-semester ended in donating
. peronal and other items to over of sc
. and debris
all used and
over of from Abitibi Paper dumpters • Electronics recycling on campus collected 14.2 tons for 2010-2011 Green
Building ... has the mission of promoting environmentally responsible design, planning, construction, and operation of the built environment. . Rehearsal Room Addition
SUNY Fredonia Project
. Rehab Project
. Addition environmental, resource, occupant health Green
softball fields ... was established to provide guidance on best products and best practices for the SUNY Fredonia campus. - recycled printer paper
- energy efficient computers
- recycled paper business cards Encouraging Academics
SubCommittee Profs. Sam Mason, Emily Van Dette, Christina Jarvis, and David Rankin of the newly formed (Fredonia
ment) designed to foster strategic, long-lasting collaborations between the community FSU. FACE Center Education Students participate in Katie, Alex, Amie, CFL Lauren & Tara 442 pounds In just 2 hours, 74
volunteers removed of debris Jared, Cat, give-aways Films
the campus
community information about current sustainability topics Campus
Film & Events
Series two-day
on Sustainability
Workshop sustainability
education in Transportation
developed General Education Program integrating
sustainability Creating models for Sustainability
Options for the new The Committee into the campus curriculum. Continued Studies Environmental an rogram. P both a Major, options Minor Certif- icate English Communication Philosophy Chemistry Biology Economics History Geology Political Science Sociology Anthropology American Studies and & American
College and University
Climate Commitment Fredonia's Campus Climate Action Plan The was and to completed submitted ACUPCC The concentration of has risen
from (parts per million) in 1900 to nearly today. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 290 ppm 400 ppm purchase orders are to vendors to save on U.S. Department of Labor
"Turning Green Jobs to Gold, Safely" recently launched its
Campaign ... and has announced
Green Jobs Training $100 Million in rating! Fredonia's Sustainability Tracking and Rating System ( ) in more than
concluded that
have caused
all or most
of the humans 2,500
scientists 130 countries current
planetary warming bronze . is a student-based group that aims to get students more enthusiastic about sustainability.

It often partners with a nationwide campaign
for clean energy called the -- the Department of
Environmental Affairs
Subcommittee PVC-Free Fredonia DEA CCC Scientists say that Campus Climate Challenge PowerShift national youth conference Energy Action Coalition public officials policy makers. is a organized by the to speak with and educated Sustainability & New Student Orientation Chemistry Prof Sam Mason Bio & Geo StudentAlex Staunch sustainability
on campus Freshman Convocation First-Year Sustainability at to take the new encouraged about new students AND them Pledge SUNY Fredonia 350 DAY in the atmosphere is the 350 ppm
CO2 Safe Limit for Humanity. We are at 391. the Campus Sustainability Committee ... and has
through its 14
Subcommittees The DEA & CCC event focused on 350 species local to WNY to raise money and show their dedication to Polar Bear Plunge
> No Coal ACTIONS speak louder
than WORDS Each November frigid waters of Lake Erie Fredonia DEA & CCC students threatened and endangered species. plunge into the Environmentalist & her
. inspired DEA, which Petition for a PVC-Free Fredonia (Facebook > SUNY Fredonia Campus Climate Challenge > PVC Petition) has
collected over 500 signatures Campaign Lois Gibbs plastic ducky health and environmental risks

during production,
use, and disposal,

into the environment. are some of the mercury, dioxins and pthalates most Dioxins to science PVC poses toxic known chemicals on its Prof Christina Jarvis
picks up "nurdles" Green Resolution Green DEA created the
to support projects The ... is charged with organizing a series of events centered around the spirit of Earth Day (April 22nd). Earth Week/
Sustainability Series
Subcommittee Connections Duathlon (Bike/Run) Connects Fredonia Dunkirk to and People to the Environment "A Talk on Solar Energy" Key Note Speakers "30+ Years later: Educating the Public on the Love Canals of Today" environmental justice known Author Annie Leonard Ralph Nader Lois Gibbs Earth Week Author, internationally A recognized for her role of Project consumer environmental and and humanitarian local hero extensively reknowned in
the grassroots movement advocate Internationally environmentalist and Story Stuff of
the April 20th, 2011, the
of the "Shake the Habit" within
are asked to go ALL Retailers Dunkirk/Fredonia ONE
DAY without
plastic bags 1st Anniversary Gulf Oil Spill 2nd Annual
“Chautauqua County Green Expo” 50 Local Organizations offering environmentally friendly products and services Walking personal

explore to Five local
artists garden
earth their the James Hoggard Thomas Annear Robert John Holland Tom Malinoski Sara Baker Michalak Earth Garden 2008 - 90% of sorted "trash" recyclable
2009 - 80% "Dumpster Dive"
Trash Dump 2010 - 33% recyclables from the "TRASH" sorting Eco Fashion Show "featured .
clothing, styles, and
. with a twist." design clothing business social justice green reuse sustainable Eco.
Show. ethically made locally designed hand-me-downs Adam Malchoff Kaitlyn Susan Kornacki & Alex Staunch Lauren Piche & Joe McGrath filling local consumers electronic devices •4th Annual
Campus & Community Electronics Recycling Drive of waste from landfills FREE recycle used LAST
YEAR: diverted 81,000 lbs over over of material 5 tractor trailers generated 130,000 lbs Fredonia Soccer Team collects recycling including a “Environmental Communication,” Creation of special topics
Anthropology seminar, Sustainability
Courses new honors seminar, CCC course on “Chemistry and
the Environment” “Food and Culture” 1-week
“No Impact
Experiment" Community Outreach & green Initiative Fund on campus Energy
SubCommittee Upgrading LIGHTING in
the Athletic Complex funded
by American Reinvestment and Recovery Stimulus . $30,000 200,000 kwh electrical consumption energy usage campus has dropped
since 2003 every year Continued last year’s program in the residence halls whereby students can exchange their incandescent bulbs from their personal lamps with a compact fluorescent bulb.
• Continued the current practice of setting room temperatures based upon information received from the Campus Events Management System.
• incandescent
bulbs energy
hogging for Compact Fluorescent Lamps energy
SAVING Residence Hall
CFL Exchange Food
Subcommittee Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Organic Salad Bar Vegan-only Stir Fry Erie Dining Center ZERO Trans-Fats Earth Friendly Providing a variety of including a AND options Certified
Coffee Offering with the Buster
Bean Company April 14, 2011: Fredonia awarded by
for "Best in Category" campaign Trayless Trials Weigh the Waste in Not using trays individual food waste by 25-35% reduces Locally Purchased Foods from 8% to 14.4% over annually $432,000 Increased Green Cleaning
SubCommittee Green Seal / Eco-Logo
Certified Using cleaning systems touchless
dispensers Installing EnMotion reduces towel usage 25% up
to 100% recycled uses certified towel floor scrubber
waste environmentally
friendly water
-only purchased Reduces: and Green
SubCommittee Its goals are positioning

and promoting environmental stewardship. SUNY Fredonia as a leader in "Green Building Design" Efforts focus on Green emphasizes and concerns : o Protect and
o Use materials
o Conserve non- and scarce
o to noxious materials
o Support pedestrians, bicycles, mass transit local air, water, soils, plant- wildlife sustainably harvested renewable energy resources Reduce human exposure Building Design Technology Building New Science & Others Mason Hall
. Townhouse
Williams Center
Rockefeller Arts Center Green Purchasing
SubCommittee Sustainable Vendors Each American uses a
in paper and wood products per year.
- rethink if printing is
- print - 100%
- 88%
- 100% Green Office Products FSU's business card vendor uses 100 ft Douglas Fir tree necesary double-sided environmentally conscious that provide Encouraging 100% Wind Energy faxed or emailed paper usage postage and save on energy usage to in deliveries, Purchasing only orders office supplies 3 times/week products Green
Products organic
fertilizer on the and Using Green
SubCommittee Environmentally-
Ice Control biodegradable less corrosive requires
product roads parking lots walkways for Fredonia's winter Expanded the

near T
S: Arbor Day Tree
Ceremony Annual reduce
erosion, heating
cooling cut

costs, moderate temperature, clean the air, produce life-giving oxygen, provide habitat for wildlife Increasing the use of across campus Invasive
Pull invasive
honeysuckle Removal
event for Campus Wood Lot Perennial Plantings perennials reduces watering labor and Native Species Plantings native plant gardens Three Man Hill and the Jewett Hall
house Public Relations
SubCommittee Created weekly

in the STUDENT
NEWSPAPER, Sustainability on the Web
Facebook Group www.Fredonia.edu/GoGreen SUNY Fredonia Sustainability Committee Public Service
Announcements "The Leader" "Sustainability Comment" PSA's Sustainability Video PSA's Recycling SubCommittee's Transportation Subcommittee’s TV Station, WNYF: "Really?" (You don't recycle?) "No Sharking" video campaign Keep the Sharking
Out of Parking "No Sharking" Campaign decreases dangerous emissions easy,
from to Integrated Bus Services,
Park & Ride, and CARTS convenient transfers CARTS Park & Ride fast pickup from any location Park & Ride Bike Raffle included over 1600 walk or
use public transportation Winner, Alana Gregory New Trans- portation SubCmte Logo Created a Student
SubCommittee Goal #1 Educate Sustainability
Initiatives Goal #3 Goal #4 Increase Awareness of sustainable practices organizations Hold a
fall semester Goal #2 sustainability
leaders kick-off
training for s t u d e n t local clean-ups community campus Recycling
SubCommittee 4th consecutive
RecycleMania participation in 2010 - collected: 10,000
lbs/week ranked: 106th
246 schools of 4th 9
SUNY schools of take to to breakdown are made from OIL /year go to
landfills Plastic Bottles water &
soda 200 1000 years to only to are 10 15% recycled 38 Million in the U.S. Recycles! . 56,500 lbs scrap metal
construction demolition
. tires, motor oil automotive batteries
. 20 tons paper • 300 used mattresses
• interior doors (to Habitat for Humanity)
• over 3,900 yards of carpet
• 3.7 tons of materials

• ReUse/Recycle Day
• Waste Wipe Out
. 3,100 lbs of clothing, food,
. Chautauqua County Rural Ministry Recycles more!
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