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Content Programme 2013

No description

Oded Watts

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Content Programme 2013

Content Programme - 2013 - Year in Review
Other achievements
So, how's 2014 going to look?
Focus on syndicated content - leverage our Semantic MD technology to put better controls into what content is being used and how B2B clients are charged for using it
Q4 2013
Q3 2013
First Half in 2013
Improved editorial user experience
Migrate Editorial preditor usage to chrome
QMI for Wordpress
Improved infrastructure
Client facing / Visual features
Fast FT homepage component
API explorer
Automated Topic Pages
Moved Search Services to Linux Infrastructure
Search.ft.com on Search API
4.1 Server Update
5.2 Platform rollout
Newsplanner - accurately forward plan for our content streams
AHP refactoring
Improved editorial user experience
Improved infrastructure
Client facing /Visual features
Methode Client 5.1 -
added topic planning functionality; new features to help colour correction
Email into Methode -
allows editorial staff to file a story and attach videos and images straight from their smartphone
ABS Replacement PoC -
proved that Methode could replicate, and improve, magazine advertising workflows that are currently completed in a legacy system
Image Desk PoC -
proved that a new Methode instance could be used as an Image desk
New stories badge
Top 5
Chartbeat - added demographic information for tracking
Video redesign
New Content
in our API
Supported :
600 Editorial users
The Newspaper

Preditor speed improvements
Blog Links
- efficiency in creating blog stories. Saves an intensive manual process
Headline change: "diverging" to "differing"
Top 5 Standalone w/ Slideshow
Preditor Component Toolbar improvement -
clearer which component a toolbar is for
Improved Editorial Workflow -
automated video link stories
Client facing / Visual features
Expanding Navigation
Successfully delivered our first blogs release in Content working with iQuest and FT Labs

removed from The A-List

"Read more" link
removed when not required

Removal of
"read full post" link
from the A-List index page

FT videos
can now be embedded in blogs again
Press office blog re-named to "
FT announcement

Update to
Twitter feed
on About Us section to show more up to date, and frequent Tweets
Improved editorial user experience
Automated Colour Correction using a Claro premedia
(colour correction software) - reduced manual processing time, by Editorial image desk
Print Archive -
reducing the size and complexity of the production database and having a proper view of all our printed content presented in a consistent manner in a separate Methode environment
Versant 8 -
ensured our support contracts are maintainable and improved tuning on the performance of the database
Blogs in main content

Republishing rights
Agency Content
BDD Implementation
Improved infrastructure
upgrade to 4.0
Related Topics on Article Pages
Integrating with FT Platform
Editorial change in Methode
Change propagated through
publishing pipeline
Change reflected in
responsive article page
Méthode through to Responsive HTML in Production
Exposing Authors Taxonomy in our platform, APIs & Search
Cross-programme support
The SWAT team has delivered 20 stories and investigations to support other programmes and departments since August
Specialist titles
Updated Jobs box for re-launch of Exec App. site helping to sustain 20k visits coming from FT.com

Support longer term strategic plans to migrate away from eRights
Ongoing support following relaunch of the video hub page
Classic decommissioning
over 8,000 articles from Classic to Falcon!

New FT Reprints overlay to continue to
support B2B revenue
New custom RSS page
Author Metadata
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