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Maryan Osman

on 11 December 2014

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Theme and Symbolism
Symbols in the novel "Stung"...

Dystopian Protagonist and other characters
1. The protagonist of Stung would be Fiona Tariss. She is the main charter of the story, telling what happened through flashbacks and the present time. Fo being her nickname in the book is a 17 year old girl with blonde hair and brown eyes.
2. The story starts with her waking up at age 17 but the last thing she remembers is being 13. What she finds is a broken rusted version of the world she remembers from before.
Dystopian protagonist and other characters (continued)
Dystopian Settings
The setting of this Novel takes place in Denver, CO outside the south gate, where it is grimy, dirty and dangerous. The main characters find themselves roaming through the sewer, in abandoned buildings and hotels. The streets are dirty and the people are as well. Fiona and Bowen spend sometime in the Militia camp, where they capture beasts. In conclusion everyone living outside of the wall is hungry, and poor. Inside the wall it is pretty, and well managed where people live a good life.
" He takes worms and hands them out, then takes one for himself, eating the wriggling creature in little bits, savoring it." pg. 34
"Faded. Filthy. Broken Windows. Bare Mattress. Abandoned." pg.3
Characteristics of a Dystopian Society
STUNG by BETHANY WIGGINS created by Maryan, Kelsey, and Hailey
1. Propaganda is being used to control the citizens. Citizens are contantly being watched. Individuality and disent are bad. The ntural world is banished.Citizens live in a dehumanized state.

2.In the novel "Stung" everyone in the wall is controled by the government and can't live their life the way they want. In fact they are being closrly watched and can't be themselves. Outside of the wall, the citizens aren't living in stable place and are at harm.

3.Fiona: "She is tall, with long stringy hair, and gangly, like she's hit a growth spurt." She has brown eyes, blonde hair, and is from the lab.
Arris: Grimy hands and smells like sewer. "Arrin grins, a flash of teeth as dingy as her skin."
Bowen: Green eyes, tall skin and muscular. "Bowen's eyes are green, like grass, mint, and dandelion leaves.
Jonah: Muscular, thin boned, Fiona's twin, animal-like behavior. "Muscles bulge in his arms, flex on his bare chest, and swell in his long legs, and think veins pulse under his tight, untainted skin."

4. In the novel Stung by: Bethany Wiggins people who have received a vaccine for bees are now infected. When they're infected they become beasts, due to this a wall is built. Everyone who did not receive the vaccine, and that is healthy and has an education lives inside of the wall where their lives are very well. At age 55 they're killed because the governor believes there is no reason to live past that age. One the outside of the wall live fecs, beasts, the poor and uneducated. Everyone who lives outside of the wall fights day to day to stay alive, due to raiders, beasts and hunger. The Militia captures the beasts and sends them to the lab where they try to find a cure. The governor however doesn't want anyone to find out there is a cure, because he wants all the power.
"Firt of all there would be no more honey. It would become te world's most rare, most precious food--even more precious than gold."pg 18
"My fingers move to the beat, tapping out the notes to the econd movement of Beethoven's eventh against my thigh, and as I play the silent music, I begin to cry." pg 61
"Something mars the back of my hand . A mark. Blcnk, spiderish, wrong. I take a closer look. I's a tatoo, an oval with ten legs." pg 12
"If bee's die out, then things like apples, and peah won't exist. here would be no more life." pg 26
3. Other characters of the story are Bowen, Jonah, and Arris/Arrin.

-Bowen is a militia man that takes care of Beasts. He is seventeen with brown hair and bright green eyes. He helps Fiona to keep her from being put into the pit.

-Jonah is Fiona's brother but has turned into a beast that is out to kill her. But something in him changes and he gets some of his humanity back that has him saving her in the end. He is lean but muscular with scars covering his body.

-Arris/Arrin is a 13 year old kid who helps Fiona in the begining and ends up betraying her in the end. Arris is a boy pretending to be a girl to make Fiona trust her.
Themes in the novel "Stung"...

The main theme in "Stung" is The Danger of Desenitization. In the novel "Stung" it's exposing distress, the society has seven men to one woman. Men constantly steal women and it's a very dangerous world for woman. It's never ending sadness outside and everyone in the novel knows it.All people with the oval tattoo were transmitted into the lab, and would have to wait years upon years for a "cure". When really there is no cure.
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