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Technology through the Ages

No description

Tom Miller

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Technology through the Ages

Technology Through The Ages
Smartphones have changed a lot through the years as a phone could only call to where now we can access the internet and send text messages to people we know as well as accessing social network sites like Facebook and twitter just from our phone

What is a Smartphone?
What is a Smartphone?-Smartphones are mobile phones that offer advance computing ability.

History of Smartphones!
History of Smartphones-Smartphones have increased dramatically over the last decade. It has gone from a brick to a slim device which can access and download data off the internet.

What can Smartphones do?
What can Smartphones do?- Smartphones can access the internet, download apps as well as text and call people

Apps and Internet- On the newer smartphones you can download apps and games, for people of all ages, For teenagers there are apps like Angry Birds and games where as older people may like bird or nature guides.
On the internet you can browse or visit pages anywhere on the web, with 3G and the new 4G connections.
Phones in earlier times were only used for calling people but now texts are being sent out every second across the UK as it is a faster and easier way to communicate with people all over the world.
Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages in ICT
Smartphones, Laptops and Consoles are used in everyday society across UK. Advantages to this are that the global network is growing and more people are communicating on a international scale but disadvantages are that people start to depend on computers
Apps and Internet
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