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Democratic Candidates for Governor

No description

Brittany Radney

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Democratic Candidates for Governor

Democratic Candidates for Governor 2010 Bill White Felix Alvarado Farouk Shami Economy
-Increased jobs in Texas through a casino industry
-Goal is to motivate TX entrepreneurs and new technologies to stay competitive in the 21st Century
Health Care
-Needs to be affordable, accessible, transportable, and covers the pre-existing conditions
-Supports the public health option
- Wants to re-do education from the ground up
-Believes that schools need to be up-to-date with technology to ensure the students will be successful
Over all Plan
-Wants to use revenue from casinos to replace outdated educational equipment and to increase wages for teachers

So far:
He has received 5% of the Democratic vote in the 2010 TX gubernatorial election Political Issues Political Issues Economy
Health Care
Over all plan

So far: Every four years, the race begins and another election is underway. The Texas Governor election continues to grow for the Democratic Party. This election has a wide variety of democratic candidates, these include: Farouk Shami, Bill White, Felix Alverado, and Alma Aguado. With a look into their background, family, friends, and political history; we are able to take a look into who each of the Democratic candidates are, and what they are all about. Each strives for change and putting the Democrats at the Head of State. Every one of these candidates hopes to receive the honor of becoming the next Texas Governor. Each candidate is different and interesting in many ways. They all come from the same political party; however, they are still competing against each other for that end prize. Between the Democratic candidates, Bill White came out on top in the Democratic Primary. With that win, the Democrats now look towards the last leg of the race, Democrats vs. Republicans. Bill White goes against Rick Perry for Governor of Texas. Unfortunately, Rick Perry won over the Texas voters and was re-elected for Texas Governor. By knowing about the Democratic candidates, the people are able to see who the candidates are and what they are all about. These democratic candidates went through a long time of campaigning, traveling, public speaking, and defeat; and, by knowing about these candidates the people of Texas are able to see and connect with the possible candidates for the Texas leaders.
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