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Conformity and Obedience:

General Psychology Project

Nasima Khan

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Conformity and Obedience:

By: Anita H.
Dennis N.
Seyi O.
Nasima K
Conditions that Strengthen Conformity:
One is made to feel incompetent or insecure
The group has at least 3 people
The group is unanimous (the dissent of one other person greatly increases social courage)
One admires the group’s status and attractiveness
One has made no prior commitment to any response
Others in the group observe one behaviors
Ones culture strongly encourages respect for social standard
Why do people act similarly?
focuses on how people act when in groups
chameleon effect
unconsciously mimicking others
Group Pressure and Conformity:
• Suggestibility- a subtle type of conformity, adjusting our behavior or thinkin toward some group standard.
• Solomon Asch Experiment (1955)

Reasons for Conforming:
Responses to:
normative social influence
"fit-in" or win approval
informative social influence
believing the information provided by others
Lessons Learned from Studies on Conformity and Obedience:
• Obedience usually won
• Loss of moral sense
• Justification
• Ordinary people can be corrupted by an evil situation: ordinary employee, ordinary student, ordinary soldier.

Conformity and Obedience:
Group Influence – When Compliance and Conformity Become Extreme:
• Our behavior is affected by the presence of others or by being a part of a group.
• When we conform and comply, we are reacting to the power of social influence.
• In any society, great evils can sometimes grow out of small ones. (i.e. the Holocaust, Nazi Germany; cults: Jonestown, Waco; terrorists: 9/11)

Controversial Stanley Milgram Experiments
Men and women responded virtually equally
Parallels to "Authority Fig." response of Nazi Germany
"Shocking Education"
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