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Graphic Novel Elements Analysis Persepolis: 26-53

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Tristen Keeler

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Graphic Novel Elements Analysis Persepolis: 26-53

Panel 4, Page 29 - BLEED TK
The bleed used on page 29 is used to show the amount of wrong doings done by the Shah and to show all of what the photographer captured. There is so much chaos going on and it is all being captured by the photographer.
Panel 5, Page 46 - EMANATA TK
Marji is talking to Ramin about how his father is a murderer. Ramin is nervous about this topic, but his facial expression does not necessarily depict this. Emanata is used in the form of sweat beads to express his nervousness.
Page 47, panel 2 and 3: In these panels it shows the two different political leaders that were freed after the shah left. The background info includes birth date, profession, date of imprisonment and release. This gives us a good info to base the following panels and events on.
Panel 7, Page 38: Graphic Weight
The graphic weight in this panel enhances the caption by showing how angry the people are and making the reader be drawn to the panel.
Splash Panel
Panel 4, page 27- The spalsh panel on this page emphasises the idea of the kings importance to the people.
Panels 1 & 2, page 34-
Here the author introduces Mehri using captions instead of word bubbles.
Panel 2, Page 52- "He was in my class at the university." "It's a good thing they didn't kill your father in prison."
The fact that there is no caption on the panel means that you have to get all the information from the speech bubbles. In this specific panel there are 2 different conversations going on so we get to learn about what's going on with 2 different characters and their emotion without any caption.
Panels 1-8, Page 33, Gutter Space
The amount of gutter space on this whole page really separtes each idea and thought, which is important because as a reader we don't want run on thoughts and sentences.
Graphic Novel Elements Analysis Persepolis: 26-53
Dream Pod

The author draws this picture so that it appears that the king is the center of the universe
This helps the readers grasp a better understanding of who the character is by focusing on her specifically
Panel 4, page 61
3 Graphic Elements
Page 55: Panel 6
Emanata TK
Uncle Anoosh is telling Marji bedtime stories of when he was Fereydoon's secretary. In panel 6, he talks about the terrible nightmares he had, and Emanata is used in the form of sweat beads to depict his nervousness, fear, and torment.
3 graphic elements panel 4 pg. 51
In this panel Ahmadi... a man was getting tortured. Marjane used a splash panel to show the importance of the panel.
Speech Balloons

Since there is no caption on this panel, we get all our information from the
speech balloons.
Marji goes on and on bragging about her grandpa
and her uncle, and her friend is thinking "too much".
Graphic weight
The way this panel is shaded and placed onto the screen, shows its importance. In the panel it shows Marji walking with her friends talking about the heroes in her family and its kind of ironic that the path looks never ending and Marji's bragging seems never ending.
Speech Bubbles
Also Marjane used different outlines of bubbles to show the difference between anger or normal convos
Graphic Weight
Graphic weight is used in panel 6 to show just how frightening the nightmares Anoosh was having. The extremely dark background and the darkness of Anoosh himself contrasts with the white outline of Anoosh, his sweat beads, and his sheets to create an eerie feeling. Your eye is being drawn to Anoosh due to his white outline.
Faces / Hands
Anoosh's face really shows how scared he his about his dreams. His eyes are wide open and his face is shaped into a frown. His hands also show his discomfort by being turned upward, almost to indicate shaking.
Here Marjane uses captions to describe what is going on, speaking directly to the reader.
In this panel, Marji is dreaming about her showing off the heroes in her family. She is with her friends walking down a pathway. Since it is the biggest it is a
splash panel
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