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Chapter 13-Earths Atmoshpere Section 1-The air Around You

Kassy Mor;ete and Noelle Glasshoff are amazzing.

Noelle Glasshoff

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 13-Earths Atmoshpere Section 1-The air Around You

Earths Atmoshpere Question1.Describe two ways in wihich the earths atmosphere is important to life on earth. Answer1-
One way is because the Earths Atmosphere is made up of layers that include gasses that surround the planet. This help us because we need all different gasses to survive. (We, meaning all the living things need to survive.)
The next way is by trapping energy from the sun the earths atmosphere keeps most of. And it keeps Earths surface warm and we need warmth to survive. Question2-What are the four most commmon gasses in dry air?
2.Carbon Dioxide
4.Water Vapor/Other Gasses Questoin3-Why are the ammounts of gasses in the atmosphere usually shown as percentages of dry air?
Answer3-Because there is a larger number of dry air.
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