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Decades Land

Historical Theme Park Project - APUSH

Alessandra Paolinetti

on 4 June 2016

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Transcript of Decades Land

The 1920's
The 1940's

The Atlantic Charter: Mostly peaceful water ride. The Atlantic Charter was a document that affirmed peace objectives once the war (WWII) ended.

Dooms Day: Roller coaster with two major turns that represent the two bombs dropped during World War II.
The 1960's
Criminal: A haunted mansion ride that portrays the struggle of African Americans during their fight for their rights during this time by the rider being scared by Caucasian people.

Assassinated: Roller coaster where the rider is shot off and then dropped (in a safe way of course where the ride goes up and then down and twists and such). This ride signifies Kennedy's assassination.
The 1950's
Raceway: Race course where rides use cars to race around a track. During this time the first highways were established that enabled citizens to move across larger amounts of area faster.

Sputnik: The Soviet Union launched the first satellite ever satellite during this time. This ride is one like Falcons Furry at Busch Gardens at shoots the rider up then bring them back down.
Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon!
Welcome to Decades Land!
Have fun moving between decades and learning about each as you explore!
Decades Land
By: Alessandra Paolinetti
The 1970's
The Panama Canal: Fun and crazy water raft ride. During this time the United States finally ratified a treaty that would transfer the United States control of the Canal.

Silent Spring: Inspired by the book Silent Spring this is a flight simulation ride that takes the passenger on a journey across the country showing them the harmful effects of chemicals. The environmental movement begun to gain popularity during this decade.
Bumper Cars: A bumper car ride. In the 20's cars begun to be involved in American Life. Adding cars to society allowed for people to travel and communicate to one another much easier.
Splurge: A roller coaster style indoor ride (sort of like the Mummy ride at Universal or Splash Mountain) that takes the rider through a department store except has lots of fun twists and turns. Department stores grew in this time period since consumers now had extra money to spend on luxuries.
Food- Root Beer: Since prohibition was in place during this time, non alcoholic root beer will be served in this time period zone!
Roving Characters- Fat Man: one of the atomic bombs dropped to end WWII
Rosie the Riveter: Character who incuraged women to join the work force while their husbands were at war.
Food- 50's Diner: Diners were hotspots for teens during this time. They were used as a local hangout and a common place to eat at.
Food- Food Trucks: During the sixties counterculture inspired music festivals such as Woodstock. These food trucks will serve festival food like churros, corn dogs, chili fries, etc.
Roving Character- The Nixon Tapes that were initially missing in the Watergate Scandal will walk around this park of the park. If a child happens to see the tapes and confronts it, saying he or she found them, they will receive a free food ticket for one of the participating vendors (aka any of the food places) valued up to $5. The tapes are significant to history the reward for finding them isn't though, it's just fun.
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