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The Juicing Solution

No description

Carlee Ranger

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of The Juicing Solution

The Juicing Solution Lack of Education Summary Do YOU know what the recommended daily intake is for Fruits & Vegetables ? Juicing can solve the insufficient level
of nutrients in Americans' diets
Juicing will help a person easily reach the amounts of fruits and vegetables suggested by the U.S.D.A
Juicing increases energy, changes in general health, a change in brain function and even diseases and ailments can be cured
Allows all of the non-vegetable eaters to skip the step of eating them raw & drink their way to good health How to get Fruits and Vegetables
into Your Diet Do You Know? What 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit looks like? What 1/2 to 1 cup of vegetables look like? Americans are not getting the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables in their daily intake and it’s causing a rise in many different diseases and ailments.

The recent interest in the deficiencies of Americans’ diets has created the phenomenon known as “juicing”.

Juicing has become popular because of the extrapolation of the fluid that is naturally contained within the fruits and vegetables. Original Food Pyramid Updated Food Pyramid The food pyramid was originally introduced in 1992 and since has only been updated once in 2005.
The original food pyramid suggests 6-11 servings grains, which are 2-3 times more than the vegetables.
The food group with the least amount of nutritional value was labeled as the most important category according to volume and the intake amounts.
The updated food pyramid, adjusted the fruits and vegetables to take up almost half of the pyramid and grains, milk, meat and beans taking up the other half.

Although this is a drastic improvement, the American public is still not meeting this suggested daily intake. The food pyramid is the only awareness and nutrition knowledge that the government provides. The government needs to provide more information and urge Americans to consume even more fruits and vegetables. Most people are consuming less than half of what the government recommends.

Kids and adults eat an average of a little more than a cup of vegetables a day and a little more than half a cup of fruit.

Minimal awareness and nutrition knowledge is provided to the public. 2 1/2 Cups Vegetables
2 Cups Fruit 2 Cups
Fruit 2 1/2 Cups
Vegetables Effects of Insufficient Nutrients The amount of disease and ailments has skyrocketed due to the insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.
Insufficient intakes will cause heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, allergies, and other digestive system ailments.
Juicing can prevent and fight many diseases by producing a greater amount of nutrients into the body.
Juicing produces phytochemicals, which are non-nutritive plant chemicals that protect cells, help fight disease and have disease preventive properties. Concerns Juicing is scrutinized because of the amount of sugar that can be found within some of the juices based off of fruits.
A single apple juiced has about four times the sugar than eating the apple raw, which leads the concern of diabetes.
The key to juicing is using the proper mixture of fruits to vegetables to counteract the concerns of insulin spikes.
A good blood sugar stabilizing ratio of 3-vegetables-to-1-fruit when juicing
Whole fruits and vegetables have healthy fiber, which is lost during most juicing. Fiber aids in absorption and is an important dietary contributor.
Fiber is one of the most difficult things for your body to break down and juicing gives your digestive system a rest. Sources
Multiple websites that discuss nutrition, health & juicing.

The Original & Updated Food Guide Pyramid.

An audiobook about primal nutrition.

A scholarly journal article about juicing benefits. Juice VS Raw

the consumer to intake Juicing allows the fruits and vegetables in larger quantities More of the nutrients
are absorbed by the body, as compared to eating the
whole vegetable Juicing is the easiest
way for the body to benefit
from vegetables because
it is easier to digest Prevent and fight against
heart disease, diabetes,
asthma, cancer, allergies and digestive system
ailments Both provide essential nutrients
needed by the body Juicing provides the body Provides the body with more water Fiber is an essential
nutrient for the digestive
system and most is
removed during the juic-
ing process People just aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables... Although both juicing or eating them raw will improve your health... Juicing is the new easy Solution. Raw fruits and
vegetables helps you feel
full longer Raw vegetables provide less calories with more phytochemicals No risk of insulin spikes Both are dense in
vitamins and minerals
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