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CII Teach Argentina UK 2015

No description

Fernando Carro

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of CII Teach Argentina UK 2015

Programme Components
Work + Training at Schools
Culture & Language Facilitators
Supervised by head of the English Department.
Contribute your native culture through workshops
Help students develop their oral skills
Free of Charge
2015 / 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Teach Argentina

All-inclusive placements for year-abroad students and recent graduates
Combined placements at schools and in our language camps
Full-board homestay accommodation
Spanish Immersion Camp
Spanish tutorials / 4 hours per week
Monthly stipend
24/7 support
Solid network of schools guarantees a safe placement
Intensive TEFL training
Work Insurance
by Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma
Lewis & Tom making empanadas
Sam & Niamh introduce 'hurling' at workshop on Ireland
Farewell to Ciaran at the school

Since 1988
teaching placements
Work + Training at schools and immersion camps
Spanish Immersion Camp + tutorials
24/7 Support
Since 1988 we have been developing an educational network.
Hundreds of schools attend our language camps every year. Some of these schools host our
CII Teach Argentina
All of our projects flow across the same network, which becomes the arena for endless educational opportunities.
Placement Locations 2014
Why come to Argentina?
Argentine Music
More Argentine Music
Work + Training in our Language Camps
Camp Counsellors
Round the clock immersion camps
Themed activity programme
Typical dishes
Supplement to classroom work
Countryside events
Spanish Immersion Camp + Tutorials
Orla & Zach about to sample 'empanadas'
Full immersion in the language and the culture
Classes in the morning
Workshops, field work, interviews, exchanges
Music, dance, food, crafts, sports, games
4 hours of Spanish a week throughout your placement
How to apply
Tailor made placements
CII Teach Argentina is not only for education or language students
It's open to anyone looking to broaden their horizons, gain valuable experience and enhance their CVs
Even though teaching is always part of your placement with us we can help you set up a secondary placement in a different field
In the past, we have arranged teaching placements combined with dance, music, journalism, equine science, politics and drama.
Application Form
Health Report
TEFL Certificate
Your Expenses
Return flight
Medical Insurance
TEFL Course
(unless you are already qualified)
2 K of sweets which we will trade for Argentine candy.
A TEFL Course will give you some useful tools for teaching. You'll understand learning styles and strategies, how to plan activities, how to grade materials according to ages and levels of proficiency.
We require a 60 hour certificate. It can be residential or online. You don't need to be certified when you apply.
You can register with us to a 60 hour course, but this is only an option. Talk to your tutor about TEFL course options.
Duration & Dates
You can join CII Teach Argentina for a placement of 3 to 12 months.
Official start dates match beginning of school semesters: end of February and end of July.
Check with us for alternate start dates.
Summer holidays mid-December to end of February
Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
If you apply for
CII Teach Argentina
there are 99% chances that you will be accepted.
We rely on our contacts at the different universities to only back applicants suitable for this position.
Applications are processed as we receive them.
Depending on the time of the year, you will most likely get your placement details 3 weeks prior to the programme start date.
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