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social media for philippine tourism

A snapshot of why social media is important for the travel and tourism business; social media tactics deployed by Philippine Department of Tourism.

eduardo mapa

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of social media for philippine tourism

social media to
promote philippine tourism we're one connected planet there were 6,816,611,674
people in the world yesterday poodwaddle.com there are 1.8 billion net users in the world (which is a quarter of everyone) internetworldstats.com 40% of all net users
are from Asia
( 720 Million ) internetworldstats.com 62.5% of internet users worldwide have created
a social network profile social media is big more than 350 million
people uses facebook there are over 100,000,000
videos at you tube there are over 200,000,000 blogs there are 1.5 Million
residents at second life social media
is also big
in the Philippines! online social network
advertising spending to grow
by 14% in 2010 social media marketing
budget to change Philippines ranked 2nd by gain
in facebook users Philippines 2nd in YouTube audience
reach in Asia Pacific Filipinos are social animals 83% Filipino netizens belong to a social network Why is Social Media
important for Tourism? Because of the new "influencers" creation of and adaptation
of social media as a tool for
travel research Jupiter's US Online Travel Consumer Survey May 2008 reports user-generated content is used by 40% of the online travel researchers to determine whether they visit a destination leveraging on social media Philippine Tourism's
approach Building Blocks Firstly, embraced "new media" Second, create conversations with the bloggers Third, celebrate the contribution of
travel bloggers to Philippine Tourism Fourth, storytelling is important "HappySlip" : Tracing her roots Apl. de Ap's " Take U To The Philippines" Fifth, modular in execution and in- synergy
with Philippine Tourism's marketing goals Happy Slip was a North America module while
Apl. De Ap + MTV was for the global youth travelers The Results
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