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Grade 9 Graphics Unit

This is where you find the content for the course

claude doucette

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Grade 9 Graphics Unit

Grade 9 Comm Tech
#1 MS Paint
#2. Animation
#3. Poster
Functions of tools
Creating a New Canvas &
Working with Layers
Selecting images, copy, feather
tutorials, turtle, mouse
Create 4 files, renaming files
Plan your project
Log sheets and course
Examples of posters
MS Paint Basics
Print the toolbar, you can do this by hitting the Print Screen key button on your keyboard.
Open MSPaint and click paste, print it and write down with an arrow next to each tool what that tool does!
The Poster Project
Student Evaluation
Create a folder in
your My Documents and call it
Now install the Gif animator
The installation file is in the Common Folder
Open your 4 files and create an animation.
This is where I stop spoon feeding you!
Figure it out, it's called problem solving!
Its a key part of your curriculum!
Use this tool!
Now find a photo on the internet
and save it and play around with
copying and replacing parts of one imaget ot another image
changing colors
warping things
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