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Rates,Ratios, and Proportions

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Erin Wojtkowski

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Rates,Ratios, and Proportions

Students should remember to do
this correctly by listing the
different key measurement on the
same row.
About our Project


What You Need to Know:
1. Addition : A operation that shows the total amount of objects.
2. Subtraction : Taking one amount away from the another.
3. Division : Separating numbers into Parts.
4. Multiplication : The process of combining numbers

Rates: Rates are ratios that compare two or more quantities of different measures.
Ratios: Ratios show how two or more quantities are related.
Proportions: Proportions are two ratios that are equal.

Rates, Ratios, & Proportions
Today your going to learn about...
By Erin W. and Vanessa C.
At a pet store, the ratio of bunnies to the total amount of pets is 4 to 5. Write the ratio in different 3 ways.
I want to by a box of cereal. There are 2 choices. A 20oz box for $3.60 and a 15 oz box for $2.40 which is a better buy and why.
Common Mistakes & Traps
Real World Application
Students will be able to
understand how to solve
problems using ratios, rates,
and proportions.
#1 4:5

#2 4 to 5

#3 4/5
This would be the answer because when you want to write a ratio you would have to write using a colon, the word to, or a fraction symbol.(/)
Billy Bob Joe earns $24.90 watching his nephews for 6 hours. Which of these represents his rate of pay per hour.
c.$ $4.15/hour
This is the answer because
in order to get the answer we
had to divide 24.90 and 6. That equaled 4.15. So the answer is c.
Students sometimes forget to express the ratio in simplest form.
Example for Ratios
Express 100 to 50 as a ratio.

100 : 50 100 : 50
5 : 10 5 : 10
1 : 2
Example for Rates
Example for Proportions
Students can remember this by dividing w/ bigger numbers
$ 24 x
------------ = -------------
100 oz 1 oz
100 24
------------ = -----------
x 1 oz
Students often forget how to set up the proportions.
You Try
One day I went to the store and I bumped in
to an old lady named Nacho. Nacho had told
me that she forgot how to do math. She wanted me to help her make the decision to if she should buy "Ming's Sushi Bars" or " Granny's Spicy-Hot Tacos."
The Sushi bars cost $7.99 for 9 bars. The tacos cost 6.99 for 7 tacos. Which is the better buy.

I want to buy tooth paste. There are 2 choices The 8oz one for $2.99 of the 15 oz one for $4.49 witch is a better deal. Explain!
You Try
What is the ratio form fish to the total amount of pets.
What is the ratio from cats to dogs
What is the ratio from turtles to cats.
Students often mistake ratios for rates because they are similar in ways.
The answer would be the
20oz one because it cost less than the other option. Therefore, it has a better price.
Incorrect Correct
Rate- Dogs - Cats

Ratio - Girls - Boys
Rate - Miles - Gas used
Ratio - Girls - Boys
The better buy would be the Sushi Bars because Bars it cost less.
You Try
Joe mows 7 lawns per 4 hours. What is another ways of saying this rate?
Students can remember
this by practicing more with both so they know the differences.
Students should remember this by listing the two
main measures in the same row.
We hope you learned the
main idea of ratios,rates,
and Proportions

What we learned:

We learned some ways to prevent Mistakes
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