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Giant leap for mankind

No description

katie dalton

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Giant leap for mankind

Apollo 11
---> Fact or Fiction.. It all started with a crazy guy named
Bill Kaysing With an engineer background, he claimed:

"It was estimated in 1959 that there was a .0014 chance of landing man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. This took into account the effects of radiation, solar flares and micro meteorites."

Once he got his argument together he called it the Moon Hoax Conspirary 1976:
Kaysing released his book "We Never Went to The Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle,"
which is still sold at Barnes and Noble today. Some of his claims included: 2. Shadows in pictures should be parallel
because there is only one light source- the sun. 4. The flag was waving even though there was no air on the moon. 5. The radiation in the Van Allen radiation belt would kill any
human being. 3. There was no blast crater
under the lunar module. Two years later after Kaysing's book (1978), "Capricorn One," a science fiction thriller, was released by Warner Bros. Inspired by the moon hoax allegations,
apparently now the space program is willing to
lie about a manned trip to Mars and in order to make it successful, kill those involved who know the true story. Though it is just a movie, it starts to make us question.. In 2001, Fox came out
with a documentary--> Now this wasn't exactly
a news report-
- One of its major claims: during the Apollo years (1963 to 1972), 10 astronauts in training died of "mysterious causes" in order to protect the secret of the moon hoax. 6. Kaysing argued that the entire moon landing was shot at Area 51 in Nevada, a very secretive/restricted Air Force Base. stunning
captivating All of America, and basically the entire world held it's breath as they stared into their monitor sized black and white TVs Instead, it was.. The age old dream of walking on the moon
had been achieved Human footprints where
they'd never been before Surprisingly, we weren't
watching in terror.. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
had landed on the moon

"One small step for man;
one giant leap for mankind"--Armstrong And boy were we proud It was the culminating
event of the space race
winning the space race meant winning the cold war It wasn't just an accomplisment
for the 3 astronauts on board;
it took hundreds perhaps thousands
to reach this goal. It showed that Americans could
rise to a challenge and were
willing to put in the hard work So it was all rejoicing..
right?? If only it was that simple... July 20th, 1969 And so the Moon Hoax
Theory was well on its way. What is the truth and what is not? Who ultimately knows the truth? Who can we trust? We can trust
FOX news...right? Now if this doesn't make you start researching for the facts, I don't know what does. But watch out because the internet is the major proponent of how the Moon Hoax Theory is exposed.. Perhaps books?

But countless books have also been written in support of the moon hoax. Some of them include: And the latest moon hoax advocate:
Bart Sibrel Sibrel has his own documentary as well:
A Funny Thing Happened on the Moon (2001) He even has the guts to confront the astronauts and demand them to swear on the bible that they walked on the moon and if not, admit they were conspirists in the hoax.

One confrontation (with Buzz Aldrin) turned out not so fortunate for Sibrel.. In the Fox documentary, he is quoted:
"I'd bet my life that we never went to the moon." Sibrel argues that Aldrin is getting money for something he didn't do, but isn't it Sibrel that got in on the business of making money by claiming it was a hoax? But thank goodness for
Mythbusters to save the day:
--> In August 2008, an episode was aired
where they tested about 6 of the arguments
by the moon hoax advocates. Mythbusters "debunks" this myth by saying it is the topography that makes the shadows not parallel whereas moon hoax advocates say the only explanation was that there was more than one light source so the photos were faked. So at least some faith in
our government was again renewed.. But this does not mean that the conspiracy theorists will simply disappear- they will always be out there.

And the same is true for the number of individuals who believe Apollo 11 was a hoax- there will always be believers out there. We know there's plenty of things that the government hides but can this be one of them?

Wouldn't it be an even greater achievement to have mocked the whole thing AND kept it quiet for over four decades?

But how is that possible?! Personally,
I cannot believe that our government would stoop so low that we would lie our way to the top, especially after John F. Kennedy's call to action. How could we live with ourselves if we cheated?

That is not the American way by any means! We have plenty of proof that Apollo 11 did happen. And we have to take into account the later moon missions as well as the hundreds of moon rocks that were studied by scientists from all over the world. Our memory will always be questioned by conspiracy theorists. We as a society are drawn to conspiracies because we belive that someone is always behind every major event in history. It's simply a result of disbelief, naivety and individuals who are dying for fame and wealth that comes along with conspiracies. Conspiracies are simply impossible to disprove because the die hard believers will always come up with a rebuttal. And even if it's not conspiracies, we can always count on Steven Spielberg to alter our memory. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (coming out July, 2011) rewrites the moon landing by saying that alien robots played a role in the space race... While they were cut off from communication from Earth, Armstrong and Aldrin were able to explore for alien existance and in this case, Transformer ships. The movie implies that NASA knew all along that there was a secret part of the Apollo 11 mission that was being kept from the public eye. For later generations, this might be the first media they see regarding Apollo 11.

The 6% of individuals (according to a 1999 Gallup poll) who believe it was a hoax might once again be on the rise. And if anyone was worried.. the moon footage that used to be only in black in white.. will now be in the glorious 3D!!! 1. Some pictures showed identical backgrounds even though the astronauts reported to be at different locations. Punch around 1:20 Works Cited
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