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Constitution Project- Amendments 19-22

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Matthew Marro

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Constitution Project- Amendments 19-22

Amendment 20
Section 1: The senators and representatives term also must end at noon of the 3rd of January
Section 2:Congress must meet at least once a year. That date is set for January 3rd, unless changed by law.
Section 3: If the president dies while in office, the vice president is to take over his place. If the president cannot fulfill his duties even if only for a few hours, the vice president will again hold the position of president until the president can return.
Section 4: In the case of death the House of Representatives may chooe the President and the Senate may choose the Vice President.
Section 5: Sections 1&2 take effect October 15th after the ratification of this article
Section 6: This article will not take effect unless it it ratified as an amendment by 3/4 of the legislatures of the states within seven years of its submission.
Constitution Project- Amendments 19-22
Amendment 19
19th Amendment- right to vote and cannot be denied by the us or state on account of your sex. Congress has power to enforce this article.
This amendment was passed august 18th 1920
The amendment was first drafted in 1878
Court cases: Leser vs Garnett
Oscar Leser sued to stop two women registered to vote in Baltimore, Maryland, because he believed that the Maryland Constitution limited the suffrage to men and the Maryland legislature had refused to vote to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. Two months before, the federal government had proclaimed the amendment incorporated into the Constitution on August 26, 1920.[23]

Amendment 21
The 21st amendment was passed by Congress on February 20th 1933 and was ratified by the states and officially started on December 5th 1993. The 21st amendment banned the sale and trade of alcohol
There were over 500 recorded rallies against the ban on alcohol.
The president said he would reduce any alcohol under 3.5% would be allowed but people didn't buy it and wanted to be able to purchase any kind.
Amendment 22
Sec.1 : no one is eligible to be president for more than two terms, including anyone filling in for the president. Anyone who has held office, or acted as the president for more than two years of a term shall be elected president more than once. But this amendment does not apply to who ever is in office when ever the 22nd amendment is ratified.

Sec. 2 : This amendment, ratified in 1947, would have become invalid in 1957 if 3/4ths of the states didn't approve.
History : Since George Washington every president has served 2 terms, with exception of FDR who served 4 terms during WWII, and the great depression. After F.D.Rs death congress inscribed the 22nd amendment, ensuring no president exceeds a two term limit.
Passed: March 21, 1947
Ratified: February 27, 1951
Cases : Repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd amendments.
Amendment 21st continued
Prices could got as high as $45 for one bottle of beer. Along with the black market came a new level of crimes. People started setting up secret locations that sold booze and enforcing the rule became to extreme and to expensive.
Question 1: When does the senators and congress term end?
Question 2: How many times does congress have to meet a year?
Question 3: If the president dies while in office who takes over his post?
Question 4: When do sections 1&2 take effect?
Question 7: How many people are in this class?

Question 5: How high were the prices for one bottle of beer?
Question 6: In the case of death can the house of reps choose the president?
Question 8: How many recorded rallies were there against alcohol?
Question 9: What percentage would the president lower the level to?
Question 10: Is the government shutdown?
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