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The Pig Prince

A Fractured Fairy Tale

Phoebe Biddle

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of The Pig Prince

The Pig Prince Once upon a time there was a pig who lived by the edge of a forrest close to the Queens palace. + = Pig Prince Every day he sat and watched the young princess come to the forrest and play with her favourite marshmallow ball. On one particular occasion, when the
princess was sat by the forrest, the pig watched as her ball slipped from
her hands and rolled away into the
forrest. The pig was startled and and had to
stop and think for a moment about
what he should do. The pig appeared from behind a bush. Looking up at the princess the pig asked
"What is the matter princess?" He listened as the princess told him what had happened. "Well stop crying, I will get you ball for you", said the pig. There is one condition though. "If I retrieve your ball you must reward me with a kiss. The princess agreed and off trotted the pig. The pig returned the marshmallow ball to
the princess and she skipped off happy as
ever. The next morning the pig trotted up to the
palace door, knocked, and waited for the princess answer. When
the door opened the pig reminded the young
princess that she owed him a kiss. The princess turned
to her mother and was
told that she had to
keep her promise. The
turned to
and was
she had
promise. The princess bent down and gave the pig a small kiss on the lips. To her amazement the pig began
to evolve into a handsome young
prince. The prince kindly accepted her appology. The pig prince lived in the palace with the princess and
her mother and they all lived happily ever after all together
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