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Marketing Presentation

No description

Natalie Papazian

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation

Business and Law
Final Project
Matt Ehlers
Ben Herzon
Natalie Papazian
Responsibilities of Someone in Marketing
Skills Required in Marketing
-Good communication skills

-Analytical ability

-Creativity and imagination

-Negotiation skills


-Organizational skills

-Knowledge in sociology and technology

-Business savvy

Recommended Education
-Provide leadership on serving the client better.

-Support sales team and distribution partners.

-Manage advertising and promotions.

-Manage client relationships.
-Bachelors degree typically required

-Degree in marketing or related field

-Associates degree in Marketing

-Master's degree
Subjects to Study at College Level
Employment Opportunities
Extracurriculars and Volunteer

-Internet or E-Marketing

-Consumer Behavior
Long Term Goals

-Allstate Insurance



-provides special deals to consumers for a price less than the amount they will save from the coupon
-provides business to companies
-Provide life, home, auto, and retirement insurance

-Provides brand auto insurance through Esurance
-Online Social Networking

-Users send and receive messages of 140 characters long
-Largest drug retailing chain in the United States

-Consumer goods (hygiene, health, food, etc.)

-Pharmacy and health wellness services
-Social networking for professional people

-Gain and maintain business connections

-Upload resume to showcase work

-Assist in finding jobs, people, and business opportunities
-DECA (described in goals)

-Market Day Volunteers

-Debate Club: Communication Skills

-Starting a Small Business (ex: lawn mowing company, piano lessons, etc.) - (described in goals)

-Work Experience
-A food service that caters to local high schools for major events.

-They also sell assortments and different types of food that DECA students sell monthly to teachers

-This helps the student get a better sense of marketing and selling in the real world

-Helps with communication

-Helps create an overall understanding for...
-Current Events
-Life (in general)

-Competitions will help prepare students for public speaking which is vital through college and in most jobs

Short Term Goals

◦Find a local company that specializes in marketing and advertising

◦Communicate/get in contact with a person who works there

◦Ask to shadow an employee for a day to get a sense of what the job is like

◦Ask for an internship (no-pay) -- and work for the company

Short Term Goals Cont.
◦DECA - national business club run through most high schools across America

◦Join or create your DECA club at your respective high school

◦Work on role plays, econ tests, cluster exams, and specialty business projects to make it further in the competitions.

◦Competitions - regionals, state, nationals
Long Term Goals


◦Create original ideas for a product or a new way of marketing a product

◦Present it to a company or create your own Advertising/Marketing Company

The Four P's of Marketing
A marketing career is always near!
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