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My practical training

No description

Grega Garner

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of My practical training

My practical training at LoTRIČ d.o.o. Lotrič d.o.o. department LOTRIČ d.o.o history private company
operates in the field of metrology
founded in 1991
accreditation document and calibration laboratory in 1999
inspection body since 2001

About LOTRIČ d.o.o. Fields of activities
calibration laboratory
inspection body
terrain inspections
periodic examinations
testing laboratory

New business building
built in 2003
360 m2
three floors
three air-conditiones labs, which constantly maintain the temperature between 20 ° C and 21 ° C

Composition of the company about 30 employee
deputy director
3 departments :
precise, (laboratory assistants)
pavers and (ICT)
calculators (market department ) Ordinary working day
started at 7 o'clock
meeting of pavers team
renewed web-page
other assignments
business trips

My assignements homepage www.lotric.si
performing test of renewed web application MeOL
terrain database data input
preparing presentations
deliveries of instruments THE END Located in Selška valley
built in 2003
about 2 kilometres from Železniki towards Škofja Loka
works in field of metrology
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