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Battle of Princeton

No description

Sharise Baker-Bazile

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Princeton

Battle of Princeton
Made By:
Sharise Baker-Bazile & Diego Carpio
Date & Location of Battle
The Battle of Princeton took place on July 3, 1777
The location of the Battle: Princeton, New Jersey
During the Revolutionary War
Lead Generals of the Battle
The Colontinental Army
General George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army during the Battle of Princeton. He took 7,000 Americans with him to battle.
The British Army
The leader of the British army during the Battle of Princeton was Major General Charles Cornwallis. He took 8,000 British soldiers to fight in the Battle of Princeton
Purpose of Battle
The Battle of Princeton occured because the Colonies wanted Independence from Great Britain. It occured shortly after the Battle of Trenton, and it was basically the continuation of the Revolutionary War.
What did the colonists fight for
The colonists fought for American control instead of British control and wanted to have a better morale of the state. The battle was important because it gave America the confidence to stand up and fight against Britain. It shows that America is able to protect and defend its self when needed.
The Outcome
The outcome of The Battle of Princeton was that the Colonists won againt the British soldiers. The British were forced to abandoned their positions in New Jersey. Lord Charles Cornwallis and his remaining troops relocated to New Brunswick.
Effect of Revolutionary War
The Battle of Princeton had an effect of fhe Revolutionary War. Winning this battle made the Colonists realize that they had a 50/50% chance on the winning the War.
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