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The Time Machine H.G. Wells

By Tanner

Tanner Loper

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The Time Machine H.G. Wells

Timeline The Time Machine By H.G. Wells By On Tanner Loper 1895 "The Time Traveler," or so he's called
Demonstrates his miniature time machine to a group of his followers. POOF! The Time traveler leaves for the unkown in his time machine. be it the past... Or the Future 802,701 The Time traveler arrives in the far future where he finds the Eloi. They are an evolved and for some reason, less advanced version of the human race. About Eloi Eloi originated from humans who were broken down into two main groups. The Eloi are the evolved version of upper-class humans. Eloi are also very cheerful and are exhausted easily. Their diet consists only of fruit. They are very cheerful, but have a short attention span. They wear fine garments and live in groups. They are also extremely afraid of the dark. Eloi Time Traveler The Time traveler then saves the life of an Eloi named Weena. She is the first Eloi to show any feelings with the exception of happieness and fear. Greatfulness is what she expressed. She had a new best friend. Weena wouldn't leave the Time traveler's side. She even allowed him to stay in her house. In the time traveler's research, he found what seemed like heat vents leading out of the ground. When he asked the Eloi of these they acted afraid and among other things, they said, "Morlock." About Morlocks Morlocks originate from the lower, labor class of humans. They were forced underground by the upper class humans because they wanted nothing to do with those who are lower on the "food chain." The morlocks evolved with fur and grew huge night eyes. They still use machinery in their underground world. However, there is one problem. They hunt and kill the Eloi to eat when the sun falls.

Now who's lower on the food chain?! The time traveler went to invstigate the heat vents and found a dark world with morlocks wallowing around. He was nearly killed by them. After the time traveler spent his first night away from the time machine, he found nothing but grass where the time machine should be. All he could find was a sphinx about two meters from where the time machine was. What a catastrophe! Even so, there was one lurking suspicion. The pedestel on the statue was just slightly larger than the time machine with things that could be huge doors. That must be
where the time
machine is! Since Weena never leaves the time traveler's side, she joined him on one of his explorations. That time with the time traveler will be her last. On the way back from the area that the time traveler explored, the morlocks decided to use that time to get revenge on the time traveler for entering their underground world.. The time traveler suspected this and sadly, he fell asleep and woke up to the absence of Weena and a forest fire raging around him. He was able to get to a clearing and with a crowbar that he found, beat off the flaming and angry morlocks. Weena was no more. At that point, he got an idea. he would use the crowbar to try to get his time machine out of the sphinx! The time traveler rushed directly to the town as soon as the fire was over and ran up to the sphinx. Once he got there, he began trying to find a way in to the sphinx and failed multiple times. He eventually came to hitting the doors with the crowbar and also failed. There was something weird however, every time he took a break, he heard laughing coming from within the sphinx. For some odd reason, after he began to relax.. The doors OPENED! The time traveler then entered the pedestal and to his surprise, the machine was in pristine condition. The morlocks with their knowledge machines must have repaired and oiled the time machine! As he was getting near the time machine, The door shut and morlocks came from everywhere and began to attack the time traveler. They nearly brought him down when he got into the time machine and started it up. He just bearly made it WORLD'S END As the time traveler hurdled through time, he witnessed the world coming to be no more. He watched as the sun grew large and red. He watched as life grew less and less abundant. He had had enough. He turned back on his way to his home: 1895 From the time-flow perspective
of The Time Traveler PRESENT http://www.wavy.com/subindex/traffic/traffic_cams Once the time traveler is home, he walks into his group eating dinner and goes to take a shower. After all, he has been wearing the same clothes for over a week. THE END Now that the time traveler is all dressed and bathed, the group wants to know why he is over an hour late to their weekly meeting. His answer asked them to gather into a room so he could tell his story. Not just his story, our story. Humanity's story. The story of what we will be. Maybe, just maybe, let this be a warning. Heed this warning. Change your ways. Try your hardest to keep the peace and live in harmony with all. If you do, we as a civilization may be able to spare humanity's humanity
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