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Biology B3

McKay ransom

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of homeostasis

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By McKay, Tj, and Andrew B3 Homeostasis Perch Starfish The End Frog Crayfish Earthworm A worm has no bones like a perch, or exoskeleton like a crayfish. Instead it has septa to support skin The worm moves by contractiing and expanding it's skin. It moves best underground. The worm excrets
waste through the
anus. Uses tube-
feet to latch
onto rocks. Uses a mouth, and stomach
to eat, like a perch. uses arms
to move, kind of like a frog. Uses gills to
breathe, like a
crayfish. Stomach
food Digestive System A frog has a stomach like a starfish has, however it has intestines like a Human. Digestive System A worm has a intestine like a frog.
It has, instead of a stomach like a
Perch, a crop, and a gizzard. support Movement Exoskeleton Muscles Limbs Digestion A frog uses it's strong leg muscles to jump out of water, and swim in the water, like a crayfish. Brain Unlike a Starfish,
A worm has a
small brain Nervous System A crayfish does not have a centralized nervous system (brain), such as a worm, instead in has a nerve cord like a starfish. Excretory System Respiration Skin Respiration The worm breaths through it's skin, and can only do so when moist A crayfish excrets
through it's annus
similarly to a worm A crayfish breaths through
it's gills, like a Perch. Nervous System A frog has a nervous
system similar to a
perch, in that it has
eyes, nerves, and a
brain. A Crayfish has a hard A Crayfish has 3
kinds of limbs A crayfish has swimerets so it
can swim like a Frog. A Crayfish has big Pinchers to
catch prey. A Crayfish also has
legs to walk. A starfish has no bones,
like a perch, or exoskeleton, like a crayfish, instead it supports it's skin like a worm. A starfish has no centralized nervous system(brain) instead it's brain is all over it's body in nerves, alowing it to regrow from two halfs. Excretory System In addition to excreting like a starfish, a frog also excretes mucus to keep from drying up out of water. Skeletal System A Frog has bones, similar to a Perch. Excretory System A starfish excretes waste from it's anus. Uses Muscles to swim through water,
sort of like a frog. A perch Has a Brain like a Worm. A perch excretes like a Starfish. A crayfish has a mouth
and a large stomach. Respiratory System A frog breathes through it's
mouth, and has lungs. A Starfish breathes water into it's body
similarly, but not the same as the gills of
a perch. A Perch has bones like a Frog.
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