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My Family Project

No description

Fernanda Marín

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Family Project

My Family
Project Doing small actions with GREAT meaning My Mom:
This week she's on a bussines trip So I won't see her until Friday =( But I know how much
she loves when I write her emails So, by just taking less than 10 min a day I can write to my mom To reminder her how important she is in my life And how much
I love her My Brother And sometimes in the morning, when I'm in a hurry... I'll have enough spare time to clean
and put all my things in their place We share the bathroom every day =/ I leave a HUGE
mess >.< behind Making him very VERY upset
and mad at me =S So... If I wake up only 10 min earlier each morning My Dad For a long time,
he has been upset
with me
because I don't spend
as much time at
my house
as I used to... Or I don't call home to let him know
I'm not comming until later So this week, and hopefully from now on... I'll try my best to spend at least 3 times a week
the afternoon with him Share something together...
go get an ice cream or a coffe,
watch TV at night or go to the movies:) and ALWAYS call him
to ask for permission
when I make plans
with my friends By these small
but meaningful actions,
I know I'm making the difference
with each member of my family.
So far now
I have realized that
most of the times
I don't put a lot of effort into being
a good daugther or sister
And by only paying attention to little details Amazing things can be done! What did I do on...? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Mom
I talked to her
on the phone
and listen
how her day
had been. Rodrigo (brother)
We spend some time together
and at night I didn't
leave my things
spread around. Dad
I ask for permission
to go visit a friend Mom
I wrote her an email telling
everything about my day Rodrigo
We had dinner together.
In the morning, (because I was running late)
I left a mess againg =(
It's actually a little bit more difficult
than I expected!
I'll try harder tomorrow! Dad
I told him the plans I had for the day.
We saw a movie after having dinner.
We talked about our days and laugh together.
We haven't done that in a very long time. =) How did they feel? Mom
We talked on the phone for a while,
but I was in a bad mood so it didn't last long...
I need to learn how to not to get mad
to people that has
nothing to do Rodrigo
I did wake up with more
time this morming =)
Bathroom clean=Happier Brother Dad
I told him I would get home in the afternoon,
to spend time together,
but when I arrived to my surprise,
he wasn't home!
He went out with his friends,
and I finally realized what
it felt to be left alone.
Before this, I never even pay attention to what he did...now I understand him now a lot more. Mom
Today is her birthday!! =D
I wrote her a very nice letter
and talked to her at night.
I realized how much I miss her,
and how much I'd have liked
to spend this day with her Dad
My cellphone ran out of battery =<
so I couldn't talk to him all day.
When I got home at night
he was very pissed off.. >,<
He told me I needed to be more responsible...
I was very tired and have had a not so good day,
so I didn't stay to talk.
Later I felt bad about not even explaining what had happend.
I know now that I really need to improve my comunication with him... Rodrigo
He get out very late of work,
so I didn't see him today. Rodrigo
I put an extra effort in the morning and left our bathroom good as new.
The problem was at night.... =/
(Still working on that aspect) Dad
Because my mom was back home
we barley talked.
I can see now that I feel its easier for me to comunicate with my mom.
She returned this morning!
We were very happy we finally saw each other!
She wasn't feeling very well,
so she sleep almost all afternoon,
so we promise next day to sped all morning together Finally... Ather this entire week of doing small actions with great meaning I realized 2 things:
1. Doing the actions I planned wasn't as eay as I imagined.
Even though they don't requiere a lot of time or are difficult, making them part of my daily habits was more difficult than I expected.
However I also know that is not imposible to try to be a better person with my family.
With my mom I felt very good of remindig her how importat she is, specially on her birthday.
Afet this week I understand my dady. I recognize that our lack of comunication is both our responsability as well as changing that situation.
With my brother time wasn't enough, but the intention remains. 2.- PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
To make real and lasting results, more than one week is needed.
This is just the begining, if I really want to transform and create a better relationship with each member, I need to continue this little actions Mom
She was extreamly happy that I took the time to write.
She told me that se appreciates the small detail I did for her, and that she felt incredible of knowing of much I really care.
She expects me to keep sending her mails or text messages as part of our comunication Rodrigo:
He didn't tell me anything,
I think he didn't even notice what I did.
This tells me I need more determination
to make a difference. Dad:
The first days were great, we didn't argue and we share many thing that I honestley missed a lot.
As the week continued, we both lost our patience, and returned to the old habits of not talking.
We can change they way we relate, but is going to take more of both if us. My conclusion: The End

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