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Portal ESE Vision

No description

Cailean Carvalho

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Portal ESE Vision

Experience Window
Personalised Journey
Immersive Comms
Dynamic Pathway
Lifelong Advocate
Performance Prediction
Global Village
United Community
Recommend Engine
"We can see great benefits in the ability to work smarter with a transformational digital experience across the group in collaboration with IBM. Ensuring positive and proactive intervention with learners who need it and have the ability to act swiftly in a connected way, will ensure we can continue to deliver the best student experience."
Stephen McCormick
Deputy Chief Executive
Lecturers and Leaders
More Productive
"With IBM we are revolutionising the way we market our prospective students. From what we have seen already, the IBM technology has the potential to increase our admissions by 20%."
Judith Abbott
Director of Finance and Resources
Predicted Increase in Enrolments over 3 years
"Our teaching staff will be able to collaborate across departments in a way that simply was not possible before, sharing resources and working together in real time. We hope that providing cutting-edge technology to support their teaching will further inspire both teachers and students, resulting in greater success for BMet"
Julie Nugent
Executive Director of Organisation and Strategic Development
Capacity for Learners, Lecturers and Leaders
Predicted boost to enrolment anticipated over five years
Predicted improvement in student retention rate expected over five years
Predicted increase in reputation over five years and choosing a cloud solution will save £500k
"IBM solutions will help us attract more students and continue to provide them with an outstanding learning experience."
Di Roberts
Principal and Chief Executive
Technological Transformation
How Do We Achieve an Exceptional Student Experience?
Cultural Transformation
We understand that an institute is in constant flux with a range of existing technologies and change projects.
With ESE we want to draw value from connecting them together and adding unique value where we can to ensure everyone gains a consistent, seamless and exceptional experience.
We understand the void between learner expectation and institute delivery can be wide and changing a culture is not quick or easy. With ESE we stand shoulder to shoulder to support you in winning hearts and minds to drive value from the solution and ensure we have a vested interest in your success.
Next Steps
Exceptional Student Experience transforms the way further and higher education engages with students throughout their learner journey, resulting in increased student recruitment, retention and reputation and providing measurably better outcomes for both learners and institutions.
- The Challenge
- The Solution
- The Benefits
- The Journey
- The Results
- The Delivery
- The Partnership
- The Next Steps
Our understanding of the issues and opportunites in education today
Our summary of the Exceptional Student Experience Solution and Modules
Our position on the quantative benefits to the business of education
Our visual storyline showing the journey of Prospects, Learners and Alumni
Our case studies demonstrating the results to date and those expected
Our methodology to achieve an Exceptional Student Experience with you
Our potential offer of an industry partnership with direct learner benefits
Our details to start your journey to an Exceptional Student Experience
A range of formal programmes that we can explore across the life of the partnership term to bring unique value to your institute, direct to learners, lecturers and leaders. A flexible range of activities focusing on Curriculum, Employability and Innovation.
- Platform with 3,000,000 students, 25,000 faculty staff from 5,000 institutes across the globe sharing learning materials, lesson plans and case studies.
A platform to catalyse the advancement of curriculum on campus with fresh assets, support and branding.
- Free access for learners and lecturers to IBM software and cloud servers for teaching and learning purposes to further align industry skills across all curriculum subjects.
- Co-created, co-branded and co-delivered courses at all levels fusing our industry experience, live projects and research with learners and lecturers on the ground.
- Termly workshop programme delivering guest lecturers, mock assessment centers and interviews to build softer skills in learners from all curriculum subjects.
A programme to further build employer focused skills within the institute to support any career pathway.
- Given the focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship a programme of investment dens, mentorship and business support to take startups from ideas to launch faster.
- For those that meet the criteria, work placements that launch them into live projects representing a corporation and providing a boosting CV reference upon completion.
- The Smarter Planet lab, a branded physical campus construction showcasing the latest technologies, used as a space of inspiration for everyone across campus.
A provision of thought leadership to assist the institute with diversification and growth reserved for the strongest partners.

- The Business Expansion, as institutes grow into new models of operation, University Technical Colleges for example, can move forwards with us as partners.
- The Cloud Academy, a global community of senior leaders from the most prestigious institutes across the globe providing an instant network for international growth.
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