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product placement

outline of our project

Morgan Scott

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of product placement

How does product placement work and what effect does it have on TV networks and viewers? Product placement has many issues surrounding it. These include: The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) regulates everything that is seen on tv. The FCC insures that what is shown on tv is appropriate for the audience they are targeting. Currently product placement is not regulated by the FCC but there is a debate on whether in the future it will be. FCC involvement in product placement Product placement integrated as a natural part of the show versus the show revolving around the product. Viewers awarness of product placement on the show. Charmin video!!!! Clip: Product placement is often used within shows as just a a coke can an actor is holding. This is a natural way to use product placement on television. There is also another way product placement is used and that is when the storyline of a show revolves around a single product. The reason for product placement is to get viewers to buy a companies product. There is debate on whether viewers should be made aware of the product placement occuring on a show, or does the product on the show speak for itself.
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