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The Game - inceputul

No description

Traian Bruma

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Game - inceputul

The Game: august - octombrie
Provocarea 1 - oitele ratacite
Bubble Boo
Provocari individuale
Provocarea 2
Provocarea 3
Capitan: Ana Maria Mindruta
Grifonii 2.0
Ninja Minions
Nutella spankers
Alexandra Richiteanu
Raluca Grigore - la o sueta
Silvia Floarea
- somn usor
Elevator Pitch
Viorel Preda
Elevator Pitch
Irina Marinache
De 10 ori cate 10
Irina Marinache
Teach Me
Ana Spaiuc
- Cum te striga?
Octavian Bolocan
- Somn Usor
Grifonii 2.0 - Film
Muschetarii - imaginatie
Ninja Minions - Fusball
Nutella Spankers
bataia cu perne
Wonderhouse - cartile preferate
Nutella Spankers: 50 Imbratisari
Adrian Miu
Silvia Floarea
Maria Bucur
Andreea Nilca
Alexandra Stiopa
Nicoleta Profir, Mihai Cepoi, Silvia Floarea,
Viorel Preda, Irina Marinache, Ana Dima
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