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No description

Santiago Sanchez

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of OCULUS RIFT NK1

Screen and lens
The Oculus Rift is a very attractive tool, because it allows us to see the world of video games from a different angle, but will bring opportunities and threats I get this item?
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Ministry of Popular Power for Education
Instituto Universitario Jesus Obrero

Oculus Rift
-Benitez Anthoni
-Carstejon Jorsy
-Hernandez Kelvin
-Vargas Bladimir
-Sanchez Santiago

1-The Oculus Rift is an accessory that meets the expectations for virtual reality.
2-El device projects images independently for each eye.
3-coordinamente work with sensors that track the movement of the head of the person

- The Oculus Rift - The control box - 3 sets of lenses for normal vision, mild myopia and high myopia
- 1 adapter compatible with current major plug types from around the world
- 1 adapter DVI to HDMI
- DVI cable 1 - 1 HDMI Cable 1 meter - 1 HDMI 2 meter cable
- 1 USB Cable 1 meter

The screen has a diagonal of 7 "and a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. The set is in a plastic container.
lenses magnify the image and reaches a diagonal
angle of view of 110 °.

-Historical trends which will step into the virtual reality world.
-Stop the demand of users asking video game consoles completely different.
-Development of new technologies that allow development in this age of virtual reality.
-Availability differently to improve normal gameplay perspective to other consoles.
-Your hardware is not compatible with other software (single)
-Not a product that can safely play all our games.
-Limitations if we play competitively.
-Some people are more sensitive to dizziness and may need more time to get their virtual legs.
-Existence of a first person game.
-Playing in a 3D projector with tight parameters convergence is an amazing experience.
-  Putting ourselves in the shoes of the players to see their world through our eyes.
-Stability in the proposal on virtual reality
-Social environment that challenges what can cause to children video games in virtual reality.
-Assigned to use the instrument view for a long time, hence the use of the same is prevented.
-Psychologically and emotionally affecting negatively to users and causes brain damage or emotional trauma.
This product promises a lot in the video game industry, as well as an evolution in the way that people look to, this new product promises to give a completely different gaming experience to the typical, penetrating much more in video games and doing users to feel what it's like inside it, hopefully clear that factors such as the scares, eye and psychological problems that can lead to some people not affected in their mass production.
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