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Occupy Timeline

No description

Anders Young

on 26 November 2011

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Transcript of Occupy Timeline

A revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occur in the Arab world. Occupy Wall Street protesters modeled some of their methods after those used in Arab Spring. Summer 2011 September 17, 2011 1,000 protesters marched through the streetsof New York City, with an estimated 100 to 200 staying overnight in cardboard boxes. More than 5,000 people marched towards the Brooklyn Bridge, and hundreds marched onto its pedestrian area and car lanes, taking over part of the bridge. Traffic into Brooklyn was stopped by the police for roughly two hours. October 1, 2011 October 6, 2011 About 5,000 protesters marched in Portland, Oregon. More demonstrations were held in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Tampa, Florida; Houston, Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City. Members of the Occupy Davis group hold their second General Assembly in Central Park, Davis. October 12, 2011 President Obama extended support for the protesters. The White House issued a statement saying Obama is working for the interests of the 99%. October 16, 2011 In Oakland, California, hundreds of police move against Occupy Oakland protesters, launching teargas, beanbag rounds, and rubber bullets before clearing out an encampment and arresting 85 people. October 25, 2011 Students and professors at UC Berkeley began with a series of "teach-ins" around campus, a noon rally and march. Video footage of the afternoon confrontation showed police using batons and dragging two protesters by the hair. November 9, 2011 Occupy UCDavis held a rally on the campus which was attended by approximately 2000 people. Later, about 400 individuals occupied the Administration building and held a General Assembly in the space. November 15, 2011 UC Davis students continued their occupation of the administration building and protesters erected tents on the campus quad. November 17, 2011 Photo: Nigerian Times Photo: ibtimes.com Photo: Jim Kiernan Photo: Anders Young Photo: Ari Levinson Photo: Randy Rasmussen Photo: Brian Sims November 18, 2011 A group of protesters engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience refused to remove their tents and staged a sit-in. Campus police officers pepper sprayed the protesters, claiming they felt that their life was threatened. After holding a press conference, Chancellor Katehi walked out of the building where she was confronted by hundreds of silent protesters who lined the sidewalks as she made the three block walk to a waiting vehicle. November 19, 2011 Photo: Anders Young November 21, 2011 A General Assembly was held on the quad of UC Davis, with a crowd estimated at 3000 people. The General Assembly voted with a 99.5% approval to hold a education-wide strike on Nov. 28. Compiled by Anders Young for www.bluedevilhub.com
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