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Motivating Learners

No description

Eloise Vivanco

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Motivating Learners

Students feel motivated winning these rewards. They can also be added up at the end of the week / term for the chance for a class to win a prize or the opportunity to do an activity they particularly like. I find, where the points add up to class rewards rather than individual ones, the students learn to work as a team.
Use stars, stickers, stamps or points for good work
Motivating Learners
This will make students proud of their work and want to do the best they can. Parents or other students and teachers could be invited to look at the work displayed. Where it is possible to publish work digitally, parents could be given the password to see what their students do in class.
Display good work in the classroom or on the internet!
Involve students in the decision making process. Ask them which activities they like doing and which ones they don't. Try to plan activities they will enjoy and mention you are doing this as a result of their feedback. If students can see their teacher listens to their opinions, it will motivate them to be more active members of the class.
Increase learner autonomy
Remember to use genuine praise for good work and good behaviour. Make this praise appropriate for the student. If you know a student finds completing activities in a timely fashion difficult then you may praise him/her when they do it well. Another student may tend to rush activities so this student would be praised for taking more time. Don't over use praise or students will not value it as much.
Praise students
Motivate students by enocuraging them to compete. Do make sure you have different types of competition to allow different students to shine. E.g. Fastest to finish, most accurate work, most creative work. They can compete in groups. You can also have the whole class competing together against the teacher!
Help students to see they are capable of achieving great things in the area they are most interested in. Show them examples of people who have achieved things despite the odds being against them.
Use motivational stories of others who have been successful
Plan your classes to appeal to your learners' different interests, backgrounds and learning styles. Make them fun!
Personalise your classes
Don't make students feel bad for giving the wrong answer if they have taken a risk and tried their best to answer correctly. Good language learners take risks and make mistakes and we need to create a classroom environment that encourages this.
Praise students for taking risks
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