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Chapter 7 The Great Migration and the Push for Democracy

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on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 7 The Great Migration and the Push for Democracy

Chapter 7 The Great Migration and the Push for Democracy
Great Migration 1815-1850
What Triggered the Great Migration?
Opportunities in the Colonies
The Journey and effects of Migration
The Journey...

Lasted from 20 days to 2 months traveling in cargo ships
Conditions were poor, cramped and unsanitary.
Disease spread quickly and many died.

Passengers called ships 'coffin ships'
Diseases were typhus, cholera and dysentery

The effects
Population in

increased from 71,000 in 1806 to 432,000 in 1841
Population in
Lower Canada
increased from 250,000 in 1806 to 717,000 in 1841
1815 80% of population American born
1841 50% of population British immigrants

Read story from Our Canada “Not a Pleasure Cruise” page 204

The Arrival
Many bought land and became farmers
Immigrants worked in the cities as servants, laborers or any job available
What were the main reasons for the migration to British North America?

Poverty and Famine
Industrial Revolution
End of Napoleonic Wars
Poverty in Britain/Eastern Europe
Many tenant farmers in Great Britain were being forced by their landlords to leave their small farms because grazing sheep on the land was more profitable.
Industrial Revolution
Many had lost their livelihoods during the Industrial Revolution, as machines replaced their jobs (domestic system to factor system)
End of Napoleonic Wars (1815)
Causes an economic slowdown and more unemployment (military returned home)
Famine in Ireland 1840
Many people were starving because of poor potato crops
What Triggered the Great Migration...
Industrial Revolution
Irish Potato Famine
1. There was room in British North America
2. Encouragement by Britain to EMIGRATE to relieve economic trouble.
3. Would help reinforce loyalty to Britain

Lower Canada was having a population explosion with high birth rates and British and American immigrants.
Upper Canada was originally settled by Loyalists and American settlers, was no longer allowing Americans to settle. A wave of new settlers from Great Britain (Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales) took their place.

Impact of The Great Migration.

More farms
Pressure of where the people would settle
Large influx of people with no money
to leave a country or region to live elsewhere

come to live permanently in a foreign country.
Opportunities in the Colonies
Quick Review...

1. How was British North America dealing with the influx of Loyalists during the American War of Independence?

2. What issues do you foresee with another huge amount of European immigrants settling in Canada?

Your Journey to Canada...
What will your
creative story reveal about
your family's journey
to Canada?
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