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Visual Organization

No description

Kylie Dayton

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of Visual Organization

visual organization
designer's goal is to direct the audience through the composition
eye movement
The typical eye moves left to right
and top to bottom.
Controlling eye movement within a composition is a matter of directing the natural scanning tendency of the viewer's eye.
The eye tends gravitate towards areas of complexity first and light areas of a composition.
Diagonal lines or edges will guide eye movement.
optical center
The spot where the human eye tends to enter the page. Optical center is slightly above mathematical (or exact) center and just to the left.
It takes a compelling element to pull your eyes away from this spot.
Z pattern
Our visual pattern makes a sweep of the page, generally, in the shape of a "Z".
Effective page design maps a viewer's route through the information. The designer's objective is to lead the viewer's eye to the important elements or information.
A crucial part of the design process is to establish an order of elements, a visual structure, to help the viewer absorb the information provided by a design.
Visual hierarchy will establish focal points based on their importance to the message that's being communicated.
A focal point is the part of the design that is most emphasized.
To establish a visual hierarchy, ask yourself the following...
What do I want my viewer to look at first?
What do I want my viewer to look at second?
What do I want my viewer to look at third?
What do you see first and where does your eye go from there?
In pictures of people, the eye is always attracted to the face and particularly the eye.
Light areas of a composition will attract the eye, especially when adjacent to a dark area.
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