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Achilles Hero Journey

No description

Brittany Stephanie

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Achilles Hero Journey

Achilles Hero Journey Birth Home Achilles was the son of King Peleus of Phthia and the minor sea-goddess, Thetis.
Thetis desired her son Achilles to be an immortal and dipped him into the waters of the River Styx by his heel, but where Thetis was holding Achilles remained mortal. (Achilles Heel)
Raised by the centaur, Cheiron. Achilles led a fleet of 50 ships with an army of warriors called the Myrmidons
Conquered 12 cities by sea and 11 on land
Crossing The Threshold His closest friend, Patroclus, made him join the battle again when he gave Achilles great armor that was made by the god Hephaestus. Helpers Hector killed Achilles's best friend, Patroclus.
As revenge, Achilles killed Hector and dragged the body around the city.
This fact and the disrespect towards the dead angered Apollo.
Apollo guided Paris's arrow right into Achilles's only weakness, his heel. Climax/ The Final Battle He did not return home since he died. Tests After an argument with Agamemnon, Achilles pulled out of the war
His abcense from the battle field gave courage to the Trojans
Begrudgingly Agamemnon and other Greeks begged him to come back to the battle
Return There was no return, since he died. Elixer Call to Adventure Helpers/ Amulet Flight An oracle told Thetis that if her son joined Agamemnon in the Trojan War that he would not come back alive. The oracle had said that he would either die young and glorious, or reach old age in obscurity.
Hid as a female among the daughters of King Lycomedes of Scyros.
Deidameia (one of the daughters) knew about the ruse and gave birth to Achilles's son, Neoptolemus.
Odysseus came looking for Achilles since he knew he would need his help in the Trojan war.
In a cart of gifts for the daughter contained weapons and dresses. Achilles chose a sword which revealed his identity.
Achilles decided to die young and glorious in fighting the Trojan War Divine help from mother, Thetis, when dipped in River Styx as a child to make him invincible, except for his ankle/heel. Achilles mission to help fight the Trojan War was accomplished.
In the end Achilles died, but he died young and glorious.
Achilles's elixer is being known as a hero in Greek Mythology
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