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No description

Mariah Schnee

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Wattpad

Is handwriting becoming a thing of the past?
Wattpad is...
How will apps like Wattpad change the way we view and read stories?
Users can...
How can we protect students and still use social networking sites in the classroom?
While there are numerous opportunities for students to engage effectively with other writers, there are a number of possible issues with using an online community in a school setting:
Inappropriate or adult themed texts
Poor examples of writing
Stranger danger (the anonymous nature of online communities)
Inability of teachers to monitor all student activity
Can fan fiction lead to better narrative writing?
Many of my students have joined Wattpad. They share stories, chat, and read work both written by their friends or recommended by people that they know. Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight with my students.
While many of the students who use Wattpad are already strong readers and writers, the peer interest inspired others who were less active writers to become involved.
To date, several of my students have written extensive fan fiction sequels to popular books that they have read this year. One student has ten multi-page chapters, and is planning on turning her writing into a novel.
How are students using Wattpad?
Watt are you waiting for?
What platforms will be easiest for students to access and teachers to utilize?
What most appealed to my students was the fact that they could access Wattpad on their iPad or phone, both devices that they are allowed much freer access to.
My students have at times complained about lack of access or more parental control over what they do on a desk or lap top, but writing on a tablet was much easier for them.
This app also appealed to students who did not have internet access at home, as they could use the app on their phone.
Mobile Applications
Possible classroom applications
Are tablets the new textbooks?
Wattapp has several benefits for classroom use:
Providing students with opportunities to write more
Social networking encourages students who are reluctant readers and writers to become more actively involved
Students spend a lot longer time reading and writing
Given the number of genres, Wattpad allows students to experiment with different types of writing
The app provides built in examples of writing
In what ways will being a reader and writer change in the future?
Is an interesting venture into online literacy for students. With over 6 billion online minutes recorded, Wattpad is definitely having an impact on the way that writers write and readers read.


The largest online community of readers and writers in the world. Boasting more than 40 million stories online and over 25 million users, wattpad is revolutionizing the way many writers think about stories.
create and read stories by friends or family, as well as discover up and coming authors. Wattpad has numerous genres to choose from, including fan fiction and teen fiction, both popular choices among adolescents.
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