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Tips and tricks of a laptop classroom

This presentation will look at how to organise a laptop class and procedures that could be put in place.

Jo Knowles

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Tips and tricks of a laptop classroom

Tips and Tricks of a laptop classroom Beginning of the year focus on laptop handbook
set up folders on computers and school server
consequences in place for being in the wrong place

During Term 1 Advantages of a laptop classroom instant access to computers
learning objects
engagement of students teach students to save in 2 places
on computer and
on school server
focus on developing keyboarding skills
develop a great relationship with your school technician - you will need to contact them a lot Procedures to set in place laptops to be charged as part of homework (if not charged, students don't get to use them)
stack laptops and risers four high when not in use
screens down/half closed AB Tutor monitor student's work
share student's work on IWB so all can see
use student's work for explicit teaching
'Attention Please' screen
chat to individual students
Where to save items virtual classroom - for access in and out of the classroom
edStudio - as above
school server - for use during class - avoids having to waste time logging in to virtual classroom or edStudio The Learning Place virtual classroom - for storing documents
edStudios - students can collaborate and publish their own work
learning pathways - students can favourite to access at a later date
access a variety of resources
student space General Info
students can complete a lot of the C2C and mistick worksheets on the computer
use IWB for whole class activities and laptop for individual/group work
blue cord required to make any repairs or changes on laptops Websites Spelling City - can
upload own spelling lists http://www.spellingcity.com BBC Bitesize - a British website that contains many activities for teaching concepts in English, Maths and Science http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/
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