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No description

camden walter

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun game. It is a creative game where kid's imagination is unlimited. You can build everything.
Bad Mobs
This is Herobrine.
This is a creeper
they always blow up.
He is the worst mob.
This is a Skeleton.
They shoot arrows.They are the most annoying mob
Notch is the creator of Minecraft.
Good Mobs
This is a pig.
They don`t do much.
This is Steve. He is
the character you start
out as.
The horse is a peaceful mob that drops leather when slain and can be used for transportation.
The Nether
This is how you get to the
The End
This is how you get to the End.
New features
This is a zombie
pig man. It is a
dead pig.

The Wither is the boss mob of the Nether.
This is the end.
It is home to the
Ender Dragon
and is inescapable
once entered.
This is a Blaze. They are the
skeletons of the Nether and
shoot fireballs if you come near
The Ghast is a
skeleton and blaze
mixed together
This is a Magma Cube.
They jump and attack
you randomly.
This is the Ender Dragon.
It is like a ghast, blaze, and a skeleton.
This guy is really hard to beat.
This is an Enderman.
If you hit them they
teleport and then they
sneak up and attack you
They have recently added the
stained glass block.It can be used
to create many new designs.
This is the Acia tree.
It is the newest tree
type in Minecraft.It
drops a reddish wood
Legendary Minecrafters
Derp SSundee
Also known as the
Pope of Power Moves
it is his job to keep the
group laughing. His most
popular videos are his
Hunger Games videos.
Known as the Duke of
Power Moves. He is
Jerome's competitive
best friend who hates
to lose.
As the wierdest in
the group, SSundee
is a immovable object
and loves to trick people.
Sky is famous
for doing mod
reviews, and mini

This is the dumb side
of SSundee. He will
fake kidnap SSundee
and take over one of
SSundee's episodes.
Bodil is a crazy Bulgarian
who cannot stop laughing.
All of the others make jokes
when he complains about lag,
they say Bulgarian internet
is run by a hampster on a wheel.
Husky is the strategist
of the group. He calls
himself Doc. Q and gets
mad if he is called the fish.
Although he is usually
serious but can be dumb at
Gizzy is the coordinator
of the group and will always
come through with fun
minigames and ideas.
He is the person who made
modded cops'n'robbers
As Batman he plays minigames where he can swoop down on opponents. A friend of Jerome, he loves to play hunger games.
Bashur is known for
his ridiculous laugh
and can be heard for
a mile when he
screams. He is funny
and competitive at the same time.
By: Camden Walter & Nick Beekman
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