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Why YOU should watch Inazuma Eleven and GO

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Tiina Hautala

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Why YOU should watch Inazuma Eleven and GO

Why YOU should watch Inazuma Eleven & GO
The brief plot of Inazuma Eleven
1st Season: Raimon enters a "normal" soccer tournament where they face such opponenets as: otakus, ninjas, jungle people, gods and so on..
This series takes place 10 Years after the first series. The cast is entirely new, though some old faces may appear
The Yaoi
All aboard the Yaoi train. Choo choo~~
First a little bit of history on the matter
Inazuma eleven was created by Akihiro Hino of the Japanese Level-5 game company
The series started as a DS game for Japan in 2008. The anime premiered soon afterwards. There is also manga
The series currently has 3 DS games, 3 3DS games, 3 Wii games and 3 Feauture films.
Out of these only the DS games and one wii game have been localized
The anime is ongoing and has over hundreds of episodes. Have fun catching up!
Play the games too they are good stuff
The Inazuma Crew
Despite having a large cast, all characters have unique stories and motivations

You will laugh with them and cry with them so much

These guys are all about never giving up. If a cyclone lifts them 10 feet into the air and they fall they get up instantly. Nothing can hold back their spirits!
Endou Mamoru
Endou is the Captain and the goalie of Raimon soccer team. He´s so fucking happy all the time it should be illegal. Everyone on the team is gay for him. Especially the girls
They are like family to me
The biggest reason to watch this show is the compelling characters
The Break Trio
These bishies right here
These guys are the main trio of Inazuma Eleven
From left to right: Endou Mamoru, Gouenji Shuuya, Kidou Yuuto
They are bros for lyfe
The reason they are called the Break Trio is because of the three person Hissatsu shoot Inazuma Break that only these guys can execute
Kidou Yuuto
Game maker/Tactician/ Only brains of the group. Parents died in a plane crash, like Gouenji he also has a sister
Just look at that happy
Join Endou´s soccer harem today
Gouenji Shuuya
He is the flaming hot ace striker of the Raimon soccer team. He likes to kick people with soccer balls to snap them out of it if they are acting stupid. He has a little sister and a father. His father wants him to become a doctor
Arguably the best striker in the series
Has A LOT of Fangirls
Only takes his goggles off once in the series for about half a minute
May or may not have a penguin fetish
The Hissatsu Wazas
Aka Hissatsus. The super special awesome moves that make soccer watchable

3 types of hissatsu exist: dribble-, block- and shoot hissatsu.

Some of them are awesome and some just plain silly
This gets my blood boiling
Like this is my jam
2nd season: Aliens attack the earth and mean to destroy it. It´s up to Raimon soccer club to stop them!
3rd Season: World Tournament! All the foreigners speak fluent Japanese for some reason :P
The Brief Plot of Inazuma Eleven GO
This is a Keshin. They are powerful avatars the players can summon to aid them in the battle.
Aliens again?! Well these guys are different from the earlier ones for spoiler related reason. You´ll find out eventually
1st Season of GO
A seemingly "normal" tournament with a dark and edgy side
All the soccer matches are fixed, meaning that the final score is decided in advance
If the final score is anything but the one decided upon, the soccer team will get disbanded
Raimon soccer club has to find out a way to get the real soccer back
2nd season: Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone
Keshin armed is introduced. The player wears their Keshin as an armour to achieve greater power
Best season. Haters gonna hate
This is my OTP
Raimon has to travel through time to prevent the evil organization EL dorado from deleting soccer from existance
Mixi-maxes are also introduced. The Player fuses with the aura of another player to become stronger
It also makes you look hot as hell
They are beautiful
Season 3: Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Only four characters from the old seasons are in this. Needless to say the fandom was pissed (I know I was)
The aliens want to take over earth for themselves, because their planet is dying. However the good guys aren´t having any of that.
The Evolution trio
From left to right: Shindou Takuto, Matsukaze Tenma, Tsurugi Kyousuke
Tsurugi Kyousuke
The ace striker of Raimon in the Go Series. He tries to act all emo like he doesn´t care, but warms up to the team pretty fast.
Matsukaze Tenma
Tenma is a midfielder of Raimon in the GO Series. He becomes the permanent captain of the team on season 2
He has a dog named Sasuke
He is a first year student
He´s best buds with this Pikachu looking guy here.
Nobody ships them though, because they are such bros. Nothing more, nothing less
His catchphrase is Nantoka narusa! (Things will work out somehow)
Everyone is gay for him since he´s the main character
Shindou Takuto
He has two cats, Aria and Lute
He cries a lot, like a little bitch
It´s kinda cute though...
Captain crybaby reporting!
He is the original captain of Raimon in the GO series. He serves as the teams tactician.

He plays the piano, is rich and is sometimes mistaken for a girl by new fans.
Has a thing with the ladies~~
They don´t appear in the anime...
Dat emo eyeliner
He has a sweet nii-san named Yuuichi. Yuuichi is in the hospital, because both of his legs are broken. Kyousuke feels responsible and hopes nothing more but to get his bros legs fixed so he can play soccer again.
Tsurugi bros give me such feels omg
A second year student
first year student
The character development
such development
It´s not only about soccer gaiz
But later I was like holy shit best character

Why is everyone so perfect?
I cry
The main reason to watch this show. The characters are incredibly well fleshed out
At first I was like "meh"
The Feels
This series makes me feel ways I didn´t think I could feel
B-Baka Level-5
The way the characters are written just gets me
Why am I so emotionally attached to these guys?
The Music
Don´t even get me started It´s Yatsunori FREAKING Misuda
Also there are these songs called the character songs. It´s when the seyuu (voice actor) of the character sings a song in the characters voice. All the songs are so fitting and adorable.
My favourite is Tenma´s Soyokaze Dream (playing in the background)
T-Pistonz+KMC sings the opening songs.They are all catchy as hell and give me so much energy!
He does the music for the video games and anime
The best one is Teikoku´s theme
gives me da chillz
The obligatory "This is an anime about soccer" slide
"This is an anime about soccer" is a line the fans mutter everytime they feel the need to remind themselves that this is indeed, an anime about soccer
I swear this makes sense in context
The shipping game
Everything is a fair game
Brotps are good too :3
This show turned me into a fujoshi no lies
aka those gay moments between characters
You are GUARANTEED to find a couple you like otherwise you get your money back.
There are a lot of cute straight couples too not just yaoi. <3
This is my bros favourite
Cheers for Shinkane
You can even go gay for dinos
This is my favourite crack pairing
That is all..
Signs that you have been watching too much Inazuma Eleven and GO
-You refer to soccer as sakka

-You have (or at least have thought of) joining a soccer team

_You try to brainwash people to watch this show.

-Sending threats and fan mail to Level-5 for creating this series

-Exclaiming "Sakka Yarouze" et the most inappropriate times
You made this Prezi about it
-You cry a lot (Sakka feels man...)

-You can sign the rap parts of the opening songs perfectly
Last Words
Thank you for surviving through my explanation on why this show is the next best thing since Harry Potter and Pokemon
All credits for the fan art and everything else go to their respective owners
Thank you!
much character
Evolution Trio term isn´t as widely used among fans as the Break Trio, but it has similar origins
Fun fact: Mamoru means "to protect" in japanese. Get it? He´s the goalie :3
In this season the players receive "Souls" Which allows them to turn into an animal form to execute hissatsu even more powerful than keshin armed or mixi-max!
Prezi made by: Inazumaniac from Finland
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